Clucking Idiot

July 15, 2009

Our esteemed Mayor of London has done it again.

Boris Johnson, an intelligent man who somehow manages to reinforce the notion that he is in fact a numpty every time he opens his mouth has surpassed himself. On being quizzed about his additional job writing for The Daily Telegraph for a reported £250,000 a year, he described it as “chicken feed”. To be fair he added that he gives a substantial donation to charity. Personally, I can’t get aerated about his second job because I have no shame in telling you that if I were afforded that opportunity, I would rip off the hand like a Lion going at a Gazelle. If someone wants to pay you that amount of money for doing the job, that’s their choice and your good luck. What does bother me is this: the “chicken feed” statement showed an apparent lack of gratitude for his (continued) good fortune and a disregard for the financial struggles of many people UK wide to keep body and soul together. For some it’s business as usual, but for others it’s been suddenly thrust upon them now we’re in a recession.

It’s possible he was being frivolous as he stated, but unfortunately as a public figure frivolity doesn’t exist. Unlike you or me who may unintentionally cause offence within our own domain (and you know the damage caused in those situations), in public office if you say it, it’s taken to be your true feelings or opinions and once it’s in print, without the nuances you can only get from hearing or seeing the person, it becomes fact.

We have another two and a half years until the next Mayoral election where by the will of the people he will either continue for another term, or we will have someone else in place who may do and say all the right things but will be nowhere near as entertaining or offensive. Let’s enjoy him while we can.


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