The Selfish Gene Award

August 13, 2009

On Sunday I was on my way home from the 02 Centre where Walking With Dinosaurs was showing. I just turned into Bow Church when a number 25 bendy bus whizzed past me then stopped further up the road. I was too far away from the bus stop and too tired to run, so I resigned myself to waiting for the next one. The bus remained stationary, however and as I caught up with it, a woman ran out and tried to catch the bus in front as it pulled away. This woman then turned, walked back to the bus and had an argument with the driver while the doors were still open. She then walked away again, ranting about him making her miss her bus. The driver closed the front door then tried to close the middle one she originally ran out of. I don’t know if the driver didn’t open the doors quickly enough for her, or there was some other reason, because it became clear that she had used the emergency switch above the door to open it and now it was knackered. I’ve seen this happen before. The emergency door is opened, the driver can’t close the door from his cab after several attempts, the poor man then has to get out and try and close it manually. If he’s really unlucky, it won’t shut properly at all, then the bus has to be taken out of service, which is exactly what happened here. The action of this silly, selfish woman had now rendered the bus unusable so everyone had to get off and wait for the next one. In the heat. I was lucky enough to get on the bus that had arrived behind it, but it pulled away before the poor people from the previous bus could hitch a lift.

As my bus went on its way, I saw the woman who now had the face of a smacked arse still waiting for hers. All that effort made and misery caused and she had to wait in the end anyway. Worth it, was it, love?


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