Life – In All Its Glory (2)

August 20, 2009

After my appointment at the Jobcentre Plus, I went to Lidl, the bargain bucket supermarket, which a few months ago was elevated to the status of THE place to go among the chattering classes when the recession really started to bite. Fortunately for the rest of us who have to watch our pennies, rather than play at it, the food is actually very good there if you know what to look for.

Once I gathered an armful of stuff, I proceeded to the queue for the checkout. I pulled out a fiver in readiness for it to leave me in but a few short moments and like a jilted lover, I would soon be pining for it. But money, ladies and gentlemen, is a slut. Enjoy it while you can, then let it go. Don’t embarrass yourself by hanging on. As the queue reduced and I got ready to place my goods on the conveyor belt, I heard a loud crash. I turned to see this tall, large woman on her hands and knees and her shopping scuttling along the floor like mice. It quickly became clear that somehow she had tripped on one of the pallets and hit the deck. In spite of the load on my arm, I went towards her and asked if she was OK, as did another male customer. Everyone else just looked on, as you’d expect. Eventually everything settled down and I set my fiver free when I got to the cashier. That was painful, I can tell you.


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