September 14, 2009

You can dream about all sorts of things, but it will remain just that: a dream, because it is impossible. I was pretty sure there would not be a black president in my lifetime. I also had fantasies of being able to move fat from the places I didn’t want to the places I did, like Plasticine. I could even take off some of my fat and give it to a friend if they need that little extra and vice versa. I could re-sculpture myself a whole new body. How fantastic. How ridiculous. How much more impossible can that be?

Well, it seems the impossible has become possible. Just as we now have a black president, my Plasticine idea doesn’t seem so silly now since I read this little news item in the September 14th issue of the Metro free paper. Apparently, a natural breast enlargement operation involving the use of unwanted fat from other parts of the body will be available in the UK next year. The ‘two in one’ technique moves tissue from areas like the hips or stomach to the chest. It avoids the use of implants and is expected to cost around £8,000.

The next thing has got to be the changing of the molecular structure so your straight hair becomes curly and curly becomes straight, if that’s what you want. People wouldn’t have to use lots of damaging products to make the hair thicker or thinner and the curly perm and weave business would be cut at a stroke. Let’s bring it on.


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