Strictly Alesha

September 20, 2009

Didn’t take long, did it? The slap down has begun. Alesha Dixon must be complaining about a big pain in her back at the moment; such is the groundswell of critics and fans sharpening their knives to slash her performance as the replacement judge on the new series of Strictly Come Dancing.

She was always going to find herself on a hiding to nothing as soon as the worst kept secret was revealed; that she (30) was to be the judge in place of Arlene Phillips (66) on Strictly when it was due to return in the autumn. I won’t go into the protests about this decision by the BBC because it’s been done elsewhere, but I will say that I don’t think Ms Phillips is suffering too much right now. She’s had a lot of support since the BBC decided they needed a Cheryl Cole-alike on the show rather than a woman with extensive dance experience, to compete with The X Factor. She’s going to be a judge on a new show coming soon called So You Think You Can Dance. She will have a column in The Sun commenting on Strictly and lest we forget that she was appointed the ‘Dance Tsar’ as part of the Government initiative to get us healthier through movement. “Ve haf vays of making you fit!”

Anyway, I didn’t see the start of the series on Friday so I can’t comment on how she did there, but I did see it on Saturday. Here’s what I think. She has neither the gravitas, nor experience of Arlene as I said in a previous post and because of this, she doesn’t have much to say yet. I emphasise ‘yet’ because given time, she could grow into this role, but time is something she may not have if the onslaught continues. The mistake the BBC made I believe was to have Alesha as a replacement, rather than an addition to the judging team. I think it’s the ITV show Dancing On Ice that has Ruthie Henshall as a judge. She knows nothing about the technical side of ice-skating but does know about performance so she judges on that level.

So for what it’s worth, here is my prediction. Unless she manages to produce a blinder in the next few weeks and win over the baying crowd, she’ll be left holding the BBC cow pat if this series doesn’t go well. Not a good look.


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