Age Doesn’t Wither You, But Attitudes Do

October 1, 2009

Andrew Ridgeley made news this week, because he committed the heinous crime of…ageing. Balding, grey haired and just a little wrinkled; his body is doing exactly what it’s supposed to and yet in this world of youth and shininess, he’s not allowed to do this. Little wonder that all levels of cosmetic procedures from Botox and hair plugs to whole body lifts are being pursued at such high levels.

Isn’t it a bitch being in the public eye? If Monsieur Ridgeley were a Joe soap rather than the ridiculously good-looking half of WHAM! One of the biggest groups of the 80s, his worst humiliation would’ve been a comparison of grey hairs and beer guts at a school reunion. Since he left that crazy business called show over 20 years ago he’s been holed up in Cornwall with his long-term partner, Keren Woodward from Bananarama. He’s also been surfing, golfing and involving himself in Eco issues and we mustn’t forget that he’s making a tidy sum every year from being the co-writer of Careless Whisper, which kicked off the solo career of one George Michael. That all these ingredients for what I think is a happy and valuable creative life can be boiled down by gossip columns to how bald and grey he is in comparison to the dark, lustrous hair of yesteryear, is spiteful and can only come from people whose lives are smaller than walnuts.

He’s getting older and he’s probably doing better than you. Get over it.



  1. Pie,
    Ha ha, I laughed at this one… My teenage daughter is horrified that I refuse to buy hair dye, that botox is a five letter swear word to me, that I’m proud of the few wrinkles I have.
    I would rather age naturally and gracefully, to acknowledge that I am no longer twenty and it would be strange if I still looked like I did when I have a fourteen year old daughter and a ten year old son.

    Even more I refuse to be bullied by the cosmetic industry into thinking that I am less of a woman for having some grey strands, that “natural” is somehow evil, repulsive or somehow (ironically) somehow not natural.

    I want my daughter to be confident in who she is throughout her life, happy with how she looks and to know that beauty is not skin deep.
    I want my son to have realistic expectations in a future partner and to have him, should he ever have sons and daughters of his own, to know how to help them live confidently and well in each stage of their lives looking “age appropriate” in the most natural sense of the words.

    Bravo to Andrew Ridgeley for not endeavoring to look like the male version of “mutton dressed as lamb”, he sounds like he is living life well… people who mock his hair loss have less brain cells than her has hair… and letting *that* show is only thing that society should be truly afraid of being caught out in, in public…

    • Thanks for this, Kiwi… well done!

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