They Got Served

October 9, 2009

Another night. Another fight. These are the results of binge drinking as it spills out of the bars and on to the street at city centres up and down the country almost every weekend. But Saturday 30th August was going to be a different night at Swansea city centre. Among the throng of fighting young men, two were soon to have the justice fairy sprinkle her magic dust and bring them instant fame.

These two lads, drunk as you like, had been fighting with other guys, as expected on a Saturday night. As they weaved their merry way down the busy street, feeling flushed with pride, they passed a couple of guys dressed as women. “Oy-yoy!” thinks one, “I’ll have some of that!” They turned around, walked up to the ‘women’ and started having a go, thinking that as they’re trannies, they’ll be easy targets. Big mistake. Huge. As one of the lads swung at them, both boys quickly found themselves on the floor because one of those delicate flowers gave them a smackdown, the other one kicking them for good measure. While the boys were down, the guy who originally hit them picked up his bag, joined his friend and walked away without missing a beat. The boys ran away, or rather one of them stumbled away before being picked up by the police a short time later. It later transpired that the guys in frocks were cage fighters on a fancy dress stag night out. What are the chances of that happening? The boys were later sent before the courts and sentenced to a four-month community order, a curfew from 7am to 7pm and an electronic tag, a piece of jewelry they definitely didn’t want. But I think the real justice was served on the 30th August and many people agree.

This incident has really captured the imagination of the nation and the world, perhaps because there’s something deeply satisfying about seeing justice being served as it calls to our basic need for wrongs to be righted and so often that need isn’t met. Since the story broke, people have been heaping praise on the cage fighters who stopped the yobs. The CCTV footage posted on Youtube, which captured this delicious piece of justice has been watched over 13,000 times. They’re getting all sorts of offers including interviews in America. It’s Susan Boyle all over again. In the meantime, those boys in Swansea are having their 15 minutes for being a couple of tools.

Deep joy.


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  1. […] leave it alone. It wasn’t a Friday night out by the way, this happened in daylight. Just like the tools in Swansea who found themselves at the business end of cross-dressing cage fighters, these guys were unlucky […]

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