My Bonfire Night

November 9, 2009

This weekend, borough councils up and down the country have been putting on firework displays for Guy Fawkes night. Yesterday was the turn of Tower Hamlets. Their display, called ‘Great Balls Of Fire,’ was in the brilliant Victoria Park. I wanted to go, but wasn’t sure as I had my skate dance lesson at Hyde Park in the afternoon. As you know, my skating is crap with a large ‘C’ and the effort of keeping myself upright while I try to master dance moves (the definition of stupidity, if ever there was one) always wears me out. Today was no different, though I have to say I didn’t do too badly with the moves this time. There was definitely a sense of achievement.

That evening, the tiredness hit me like a brick, but the dangling of the carrot called mulled wine, at the home of The Ever-Gorgeous Dez before the start of the display, got me out of my stupor. The journey from home to Dez should not have taken more than 30 minutes. One hour later I was still trying to get there. Three buses, ram to the rafters, shot past us as we waited at the bus stop. We managed to get on the fourth one, but were then hit with heavy traffic. By the time the bus got up to the halfway point of Grove Road, it had to divert as there was just a sea of people. I’ve been to displays in the past and never had I seen so many people. Where the hell did they all come from? It was too late for my mulled wine so I had to hope I would find my friends in this mass. Eventually I did and we all shuffled into the park. Once everything settled down, we got on with watching a spectacular display. The music had the theme of fire (natch) and featured such classics as Elvis’ Burning Love, the Doors’ Light My Fire, a cracking version of Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire and Kings Of Leon’s Sex On Fire, which makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up every time. I took a few pictures with my crappy camera phone. A few of which you can see here.


After the fireworks had all burned out, we tried to leave. It took nearly twenty minutes and considering the amount of people squashed together like Monday morning commuters, it was very calm and good-natured. I only heard a couple of guys having a go at each other and as I finally got out of the park and spilled onto the pavement, I found myself walking beside a protective boyfriend trying to reassure his clearly upset girlfriend to ignore someone who must’ve given her some aggro. We all made it back to Dez’s house where we polished off the wine, Pringles and anything else that wasn’t strapped down. She even managed to save a bit of the mulled wine I missed when I tried to get to her before the display.

A successful night all round, I think.


One comment

  1. wow amazing pics!!!xxx Glad you enjoyed the fireworks. I love to see them.

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