Lenny Henry Gets An Award

November 24, 2009

Lenny Henry, at the age of 51, has been named outstanding newcomer at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards for his portrayal of Othello, currently playing at The Trafalgar Studios.

This recognition made me smile for several reasons. One, it was nice to read good news for a change. Two, it proves it’s never too late to take a side step in your career or even a complete change and do well. Three, forget the naysayers and your own doubts. Do it anyway and if it’s from the heart, it will all come right. I’m sure there were some who didn’t expect Henry to do well because it looked like another comedian/model/whatever trying to be taken seriously by ‘doing’ theatre. Others have said he’s not even that good at his day job, so expectations weren’t high. But to everyone’s surprise and his most of all, I suspect, he’s absolutely stormed it and now he’s had the official nod from the theatre world.

Well done that man.



  1. This is fabulous! I finally accessed THE BLOG!!! Well done!XXX

    • I’m happy you’ve found my blog and that you enjoy it. Spread the word! I’m glad I didn’t commit myself to posting every day, but I’m exceeding my original target of eight postings a month, so I think I’m doing OK.

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