A Man Of Principle – And That’s No Joke

December 6, 2009

Michael McIntyre made the news today by being a man of principle. How did he do this? By pulling out of a corporate event at the O2 by Cabot Financial Limited, a debt collection agency and by doing so, losing £28,000. He didn’t know what the company did when he was booked, it says in The Mirror today, but when he did find out, he refused to do it.

It’s a brave man who pulls out of an event like that half an hour before he’s due to go on. It’s an even braver one who’s willing to lose a lot of money as a result, despite his current level of success, or perhaps because of that level – and in this recession. But it wasn’t really that difficult for him, after all, it was just a few short years ago that he carried a debt of £40,000 and probably had some of those debt collection agencies on his back. He hadn’t forgotten where he’d come from. He remembers that pain. He wasn’t going to entertain a company that has made a lot of money out of other people’s misery.

I read an article about him, which featured in the same paper recently, expanding on the difficulties he had before he became this megastar comedian and how he really worked hard at his craft before he became this ‘overnight’ success. I’m not a fan of Michael McIntyre, he’s one of my least favourite comedians and even though I don’t like his work, don’t understand the popularity and find his voice as soothing as fingernails scraping a blackboard, I like him much more now as a man.


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