Tiger, Tiger, Bang To Rights

December 8, 2009

The speed at which the perception of a celebrity changes, where they go from Hero to zero in a nanosecond, never ceases to amaze me. It was less than two weeks ago that Tiger Woods was involved in a car accident. This weekend has just ended and the number of women clamouring to stake their claim of having slept with him (six and counting) declares to the world that he’s been driving into more than his wife, fire hydrant and tree.

Personally, I think he should be left alone to deal with the fallout and pray his wife never develops a better swing with a Ten Iron. As far as I’m concerned, his family are the only people he should answer to and yet I’ve read censorious articles from commentators demanding he gives an explanation, like they all live a life of uncommon virtue. Come on, now. Because someone is in the public eye, does that really give us the right to know everything about them because we bought this concert ticket as we love what they do, or that toilet cleaner because they endorsed it? Are we therefore ‘shareholders’ with a rightful, unlimited stake in these people? The layers of PR and management create an image we buy into, it turns to shit and we get upset. Why? It was ever thus that money and power makes a man irresistible to some women. Some men cheat on their wives for no reason other than it’s available and they can. For the women involved it’s a trophy fuck and these days an excellent form of insurance, as a time may come when the façade crumbles on that celebrity and when it does, the newspapers will come-a-calling with the chequebook in hand.

A scandal like this may lead to him being dropped by some of his sponsors, but I reckon in time he’ll become an even bigger success. After all, it hasn’t done David Beckham or Kate Moss any harm.


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