A Birthday Story

December 19, 2009

It was my birthday last week.

I’ve always celebrated my birthday in a big way. I try to make it last at least a week and if I can stretch it to two, even better. There are many people who see it as just another day, or would rather forget about it, but I see it differently. To me, it’s the most important day of your life because it declares your arrival on this Earth. It’s a cause for celebration because you’ve managed to make it to another year and of course, other than the day you were born, it’s the one day of the year where others wish you well and you’re the centre of attention, a great ego boost you have to agree. But then some birthdays are uneventful, miserable or painful, depending on what’s going on in your life at that moment. Some people remember your birthday, but most forget and if you are in a bad space, those birthdays become the trigger for melancholy where you wonder what the hell you’re here for. This describes my birthday this year, ladies and gentlemen and obviously, I didn’t like it.

It’s possible that due to age, or the age (the first ten years of this century adhering to the age-old traditions of war, strife, recession and more recently the X Factor and Simon Cowell’s world domination), the birthday stuffing has been knocked out of me a little. However, I refuse to accept this, otherwise I may as well order a Stannah lift and get the Steradent now. My difficulties of the last two years are no more or less than anyone else’s in this world, but the effort of keeping everything together has had an impact on my ability to celebrate I think. Having a birthday in the middle of the weekday certainly didn’t help. If by posting this I’m giving an undignified show of massive insecurity and weakness, then I’d better put my hand up so the smug contented can be even more smug in their ability to be super secure.

But, this is only a moment. To invert the warnings you receive when you make financial investments, life can go up as well as down. I have achieved a hell of a lot this year, therefore there’s much to be proud of. I came away from a major operation at the start of the year free of complications and with the best possible result. I managed to secure work in the last quarter of this year when people are losing jobs all around me. Between these two big events that topped and tailed my year, I managed to watch all of The Wire from seasons one to five, in spite of the BBC’s random scheduling and I started this blog. My skating’s still shit, but you can’t have everything. A rubbish birthday and a bad patch won’t take all that away from me.

Next year, this writer’s birthday is going to be enormous. You can count on it.


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