Christmas Number One. Yeah, Baby…Yeah

December 20, 2009

The slayer of X Factor’s in town and it’s called Rage In The Machine. Today’s a good day because we in the UK were greeted with the news that the X Factor Christmas record was smacked down by RATM in possibly the most exciting Christmas number one fight in five years.

The dominance of the diabetic coma inducing pap from the behemoth that is Simon Cowell has turned it into a one horse race. The people had a stab at wrestling the Christmas top slot from his hands last year by buying Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah in opposition to Alexandra Burke’s, to no avail. This year, an internet campaign started on Facebook galvanising music loving people in a way that hadn’t been seen since the days of Punk. Not only has RATM prevented the X Factor from having a fifth successive Christmas number one, it has the honour of becoming the first single to reach Christmas No 1 from downloads alone and for being the fastest selling download ever. My pleasure increased as I listened to bemused radio presenters feigning enthusiasm for a record they neither understood nor liked.

As long as X Factor exists, we shall continue to fight for our Christmas number ones until it dies. Then we’ll be on a level playing field again, enjoying such delights as Slade’s Merry Christmas Everybody, or Bob the builder’s Can We Fix It?. Order will be restored and all will be right with the world again.

The revolution starts here and it will be televised.


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