Another Christmas Over

December 30, 2009


A time for celebration, reflection, joy and regret, presents, food and alcohol, with bust-ups for some added spice. How was yours? Mine consisted of a gathering of siblings and children at my mums, as usual.

December 25th, Christmas day is a celebration of Christ’s birth for the faithful Christian, but for many people now, it’s about shopping, becoming a Turkey by stuffing as much food and booze in you as your stomach can take and slumping in front of the TV at 3 O’clock with your belt undone for the Queen’s Speech. When I found myself schlepping around HMV three days before the big one, I wondered about the madness of bankrupting yourself for a very short moment, buying things people may not even like. But when you see the happy faces, proving you got people what they actually liked and needed rather than what you think they should’ve had, what you would’ve liked for yourself, or with no thought at all, it’s worth it. I personally had a great present result, ranging from season eight of Family Guy to a framed photo of us as children. I also got such random things as a Peanut Butter machine and a Candy Floss machine. These can go with the Popcorn machine I was given four years ago. I feel a party theme coming. One of the presents that really pleased me was a diary for 2010. Proof, if any was needed that I am now Officially Old™.

Boxing day is always the boring day for me, but some years it’s alleviated by more visitors turning up to hoover our food. This year, because of the death of my uncle from Cancer in the summer, we watched a DVD of his funeral, which was held overseas. Not the usual Christmas TV viewing, granted, but it was strangely comforting for those of us who could not be there at the time. So now I, along with many others are drumming our fingers on the table in this nowhere period between the 27th and the 31st, waiting impatiently for the big bang that is the start of the new year.

Another Christmas is over and once again I’ve been able to be together with my family. I really try and treasure every moment, even the crappy ones, because I am becoming more aware the older I get that in the not too distant future, spaces will start appearing at the table.


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