Happy New Year (Again)

January 3, 2010

Happy new year!

Now we’re three days in, were the first few hours, as you celebrated the start of 2010 a moment leaving you fit to burst with joy, or a moment you’d rather forget? Mine I would say was ‘interesting.’

It started well enough. I had a lovely, intimate New Year’s Eve at a friend’s place with three other people. We enjoyed a takeaway curry, drank wine, beer and champagne, played tunes on Spotify and played find the video of the most obscure artists on YouTube. At around 3am we left her house and were met by a light dusting of snow, which was lovely. Free overnight travel meant we didn’t have to worry about getting cabs – result! We went our separate ways and I got off at Liverpool street station to wait for another train.

As I walked along the platform, a man came from behind and asked if I spoke French. I said no. His response was “Go fuck yourself.” A most unusual New Year greeting, you have to agree. He then proceeded to burble on while my brain was trying to process this new information. By the time my brain had caught up, he’d stopped burbling and asked me to go with him. By the way, I couldn’t smell alcohol, see any signs of drug use, or any obvious signs of mental distress. I therefore deduced he was a muppet. New Year, old nonsense. The best way to deal with people like that, if you’re quick enough, is to react in a way they don’t expect. I politely refused, then waved at him shouting “Happy New Year!” as he shuffled away, gesticulating at me like his life depended on it. For a moment I wondered if I should’ve had the generosity of spirit that we all try to have at the start of a shiny new year to re-educate him on the best way to pull. But it was only a moment because I decided to run true to form and let him dig his own grave with some future unfortunate. I just couldn’t be arsed.

After that encounter, I was rewarded by the universe for neither getting angry with him, nor feeling devastated by the abuse, because from that point onwards I was approached by all manner of lovely people looking for my help, from another French man who wanted a light, to some women who wanted to know if they were on the right platform. I had plenty of time to watch people in various emotional states in the first hours of 2010. There were arguments, drunkenness, loud girls, guys on the pull, couples loved-up, couples not speaking to each other and a girl walking past me on the platform, crying into her mobile phone. The road home was a breeze after that as I finally got my train then had a long, dark, deserted walk to my final destination with no problems at all, arriving at 4.30am. Since then, I’ve had New Year’s lunch at the parents and have been out and about. I’m home now in the warmth as we prepare for another cold snap here. I feel optimistic about this year, truly I do. So stick with this blog if you want to find out if that optimism will still be with me in 362 days time, or if jaded, rancid cynicism wins out.


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