Ex Charlton Footballer Raises A Smile

January 11, 2010

I’ve been trawling through the newspaper sites today, as Britain continues to freeze and two inches of snow grinds London to a halt. I don’t usually go to the News Of The World, but I was looking for another article I was alerted to and wanted to write about when I found this one. Ex Charlton footballer Mickey Ambrose has been educating kids through football and has raised £2 million pounds for children’s charities. This came about after he retired through injury. The full story is in the News Of the World, but I wanted to steal this quote from them and post it here:

Mickey Ambrose, Ex Charlton footballer. Copyright News of the World

Mickey Ambrose © News of the World

Mickey said modestly: “It’s about inspiration and showing kids that they really can have a dream.”

Like I said, I don’t usually go to this site, but in this instance, I’m glad I did. What a top geezer.



  1. Hi

    It is Mickey Ambrose jus saying thanks for your kind comments about my nomination for the News of the World Children Champions Awards. I find it very rewarding helping others and putting a smile on those faces. As well as raising £2million for a number charities. I took Broadwater Farm under 13,s to Tokyo in May 2008 to take part in the Tokyo Cup.Coupled with this I managed to pesuade Prime Minister,s wife to receive us at 10 Downing St before we flew to Tokyo. The boys even sat in Winston Churchill,s chair frm where he wrote the war notes. So both the trip to Tokyo and Downing Street will leave an everlastin memory for the boys from this north London estate. I have set up a new charity Global Goals which aims to tackle poverty http://www.global-goals.org.uk. Thank you again and I hope people vote for me the lad from Poplar, East london trying to make dreams come true.

    Best regards
    Mickey Ambrose

    • Wow! I wasn’t expecting this! What an unexpected and pleasant surprise. I know there are many unsung heroes going about their business trying to make a positive difference in the world, however small the gesture, but you’d be forgiven for thinking the world is going to hell in a handcart (and sometimes I wonder if it is, which is why some of my postings are angry) because of what’s presented by the general media. When I find a good story like this, I grab it with both hands like a hungry child. Well done to you. I hope your new venture becomes a great success. Thanks once again for responding to this post. I really appreciate it.

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