Wheelchairs: Not Just For Going To The Corner Shop

January 11, 2010

From time to time, if I’m not out and about having a life, I listen to a Saturday night showbiz presenter on LBC. Although at times he can make me laugh, I often find my irritant level cranked up to 11 as, like a thirteen year-old girl, he talks total and utter nonsense. Last night, he was in danger of being serious as he bought up the subject of a proposed show to be broadcast on BBC3 with the title of Dancing On Wheels. To put it in shorthand, it’s Strictly Come Dancing with wheelchairs. The idea is that able-bodied celebrities dance with wheelchair-bound dancers in a competition, where the eventual winners will go and take part in a European championship. He was huffing and puffing with indignation, bemoaning the new low to which, like a limbo dancer, the BBC has now dropped.

I had to find out what he was blowing his wig about, so today I searched for this show on the BBC site. I saw the video teaser for Dancing On Wheels and thought it odd, to put it kindly. I wondered if this was a Peter Kay-type spoof. I then decided to go further and search t’internet in general and what I found was a treasure trove of wheelchair dancing competition clips on YouTube. I had no idea this existed and I found myself admiring the skills and strength of the dancers who made it look effortless and smooth. I post one of these clips from YouTube here for your enjoyment.

My mate does fantastic wheelies on her chair, but I don’t think it’ll be the waltz or cha cha cha for her. She’s a Drum n’ Base headbanger, to be found at a club or festival near you.


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