Darren The Goat Waves Away Fame And Fortune

January 13, 2010

Darren the waving goat turned down the opportunity of appearing in Britain’s Got Talent, according to a report in the Metro yesterday. Actually, it was the owners of Darren at White Post Farm in Farnsfield, near Nottingham who refused to put him up for the talent show. After the goat’s antics, posted on YouTube were reported in Metro on 7th January, the producers tried to sign up the Anglo-Nubian goat for this coming series. Anthony Moore, marketing manager at the farm, refused, saying:

‘It’s not our thing, it goes against the animal welfare standards we’ve set here. Making him wave in front of thousands of people would not be right for Darren.’

So, thanks to the people of White Post Farm who won’t do anything for fifteen minutes of fame, or the King’s Shilling, Darren is free to wave to children and get fed for his effort, safe from being spat out by the fickle mistress of fame. It’s a goat, but it’s a start.

Metro have a clip of Darren in action on their site if you want to have a look. I had a trawl of YouTube and prefer this one.


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