Our Father, iPhone In Heaven, Twitter Be Thy Name

January 13, 2010

This article featured in both The Times and Metro yesterday, but it’s still worth mentioning. The Rev Canon David Parrott of St Lawrence Jewry in the City of London, asked his congregation to raise their phones as he gave an updated version of Plow Monday. “May our tongues be gentle, our e-mails be simple and our websites be accessible,” Amen to that.

celestial iPhone with a stained glass window and a halo

I’ve never heard of it myself, but apparently Plow Monday is a service that dates from medieval times where on the first Monday after Twelfth Night, farm labourers bring a plough to the door of the church to be blessed. He’s a clever one isn’t he? The full story, which made me smile, is in The Times. It seems the reverend has form. In a former parish, he dressed up as a Christmas tree to drive home the meaning of Christmas.

You could say this is another example of dumbing down and in many instances I’d agree, but I think this is a great way of adapting to where people are at now, to find new ways of imparting the message, and why would blessing iPhones and laptops be different from people kissing their lottery ticket, or putting it before their home space of worship in the hope that lady luck, or the almighty would put their mighty hand upon them and give them a break?


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