Haiti disaster – Pat Robertson Has The Answer!

January 14, 2010

As the world reels from the overwhelming disaster that is the Haitian Earthquake, I’ve been waiting to see how long it would take before the first stories appear of fake disaster donation sites and other scam artists, hanging like scum and grime onto the hem of the skirt of lady disaster as she glides through another broken region of the world. I’ve also been waiting to see who would be the first to say that this tragedy was of the people’s own making. Thanks to a friend who flagged this up for me last night, I would be derelict in my duty if I didn’t give a warm welcome to this man:

Pat Robertson, American TV evangelist

His name is Pat Robertson, he’s an American TV Evangelist and he said that Haiti has been “cursed by one thing after another” since they “swore a pact to the devil.” You can read about it in more detail on the CBS News website. I watched a clip of it on YouTube this morning and although he urged his viewers to pray for them, what he said beforehand was pretty cold, to put it mildly. Maybe he needs to look again at images like this:

Haiti disaster, photographer Jorge Cruz, AP

Haiti earthquake disaster, from the CBS news website. © Photo by Jorge Cruz for AP

So making a pact with the devil a couple or three hundred years ago means you reap benefits like this? Really?

You may have the view that those who turn away from the Lord or Allah will live a life of hell. You may believe that Karma created many lifetimes ago sentences you to the miserable situation you now find yourself in (though strangely, it’s rare for Karma to be quoted as quickly when your situation is more favourable). Then again, you may believe The Universe is a funny beast that throws up many surprises, for good or for ill, or you just think life is about good or bad luck without causality. Regardless of what you believe, when you have a situation like this, nothing else matters but what you will do to ease the suffering right here, right now. A paddle has two purposes: it can be used to help people row ashore, or it can be used to beat people with. Mr Robertson making the statements he did has chosen to beat the people in their hour of need.

It’s tempting to call him names and decide he’s not right in the head, but I’m going to resist for two reasons:

1. I know nothing about his life, but assuming he’s a human being, he will have had difficulties and tragedies of his own. That those experiences have led him to make statements like this is his own personal tragedy and;
2. He’s burying himself more adequately than I ever could.

I hope you’ll forgive the devil worshippers of Haiti for not heeding your wise words, Mr Robertson, but they have a few small matters to deal with. Like getting food, water and shelter. They’ll also be burying their loved ones – if they can find them.



  1. In response to your article…

    The Haitian ambassador to the US says it all!

    Jan. 13: Bill Wolff, executive producer for The Rachel Maddow Show, encourages viewers toward human kindness in the face of the tragic circumstances in Haiti.

    • A superb riposte to such a silly and dangerous statement. I hope anyone who reads this post and your comment clicks on the link. As I said before, Pat Robertson burying himself is far more effective than anything I could’ve come up with.

  2. i havent read his article but this reminds me of sharon stone’s remark about karma. i’m curious if people actually believes him….

    • Most of the people who subscribe to his channel will believe it 100%. I suspect some may feel a little uncomfortable though. I’d forgotten all about Sharon Stone and her karma comment. That wasn’t one of the best days of her life as I remember it. Although karma is about cause and effect, it’s also about doing things differently, here and now, to create value from the most awful events. Therefore there’s salvation, if you want to use a word like that.

  3. I dug this up on the internet http://www.cbn.com/about/pressrelease_patrobertson_haiti.aspx. What worries me about this is CBN propagating the myth of the pack with devil, as devil is a subjective term for doubt, and misses the point about the Haitian Revolution and the significant role played by Toussaint L’Ouverture. Ironically I noticed that wikipedia has been modified to include the myth put forward by Pat Robertson http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haitian_Revolution. What Pat Robertson has done has relieved me of believing that Evangelical Christians are wise or know what the truth is, to not understand that a man praying for freedom from slavery is praying to a force that too believes that he should be free, thus must be a good force that makes it so. Which leaves the obvious,the force trying to enslave must be evil, so there could not have been a pact with the devil, as there was not doubt about wanting freedom. So, I suppose we have to wait and see how Pat Robertson meets his end and judge him on his own terms.

    • This is a fulsome comment, Willow. It’s been of interest to me that not only have many people denounced the comments of this man, from moderate Christians to comedians who’ve struck gold with this one, but that Haitian history has come to the fore. So we have much to thank him for.

  4. Absolutely, my feeling is that this a time of rejuvenation for Haiti and the Haitians, they have carried the burdens of freedom like a Dorian Grey painting for too long, it’s now the time for them to enjoy that freedom to the fullest.

  5. Just want to add to this, this a time for all to have their freedom, freedom is a habit that can be taught and shared,it is not a free will to enslave and debase. Haitian history allowed for the first free men and women on Haitian soil, this included non blacks, if that legacy still stands then this is an opportunity for a free world.

    • Amen to that!

  6. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my page.

    And thanks for your own post, i appreciated your resistance to namecalling. that was appreciated, though I’m no robertson fan, namecalling solves nothing.

    I really appreciated your heart in all this. drop by my often, I know i’ll be popping in from time to time.



    • Thanks for having a look at my site, Eli. It’s greatly appreciated.

      I’m not always as restrained when I write about things as I was regarding Pat Robertson, but if that doesn’t put you off, then please keep dipping in.

      • haha, much the same. you should see my take on nationalism. It’s in the older posts on my site.

        I felt that this situation merited love, not wrath. At least, at the beginning.

        I think history will want to examine his position and double check the mixture of white supremacy and spiritual fascism in his brand of fundamentalism.

        but for today, let’s all focus on helping the needy.

  7. brilliant blog. Love the point ‘he’s buried himself…’ good line. Now I’m going to take the opportunity to shamelessly promote the emergency appeal to your readers! ;-P

    Give to ActionAid here: http://www.actionaid.org.uk/102269/haiti_earthquake_appeal.html

    and read our blogs and updates from Haiti here: http://www.actionaid.org.uk/101117/blog.html

    Or if you prefer, give to the DEC (where it will be split between 13 agencies if ActionAid is not your favourite!): http://www.dec.org.uk/donate_now/

  8. Great blog post! Keep up the writing.

    I am now going to use the subject matter to promote ActionAid’s work on the Haiti emergency and encourage your readers to donate: http://www.actionaid.org.uk/102269/haiti_earthquake_appeal.html

    you can read the blog about our staff’s activities in Haiti here: http://www.actionaid.org.uk/101117/blog.html


    • Nice one, Mel. Well done. Hopefully, if they haven’t already done so elsewhere, some of my readers will donate to your site.

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