Easter Is Coming, But The Hawking Starts Now

January 17, 2010

Do you remember when the build up to Christmas would start in November, or the trappings of Easter like hot cross buns and the Creme Egg would appear in the shops maybe three weeks before the actual date? Well the juggernaut called commercial interest is making sure you’re reminded as early as possible, lest you, dear reader, who has been trained to have the attention span of a peanut in this modern world, would forget.

I walked into Sainsbury’s last night, initially to buy some bits and pieces, but my eyes rested on a display and I found myself rubbing them to make sure I didn’t imagine it. There in front of me was a display for hot cross buns. Yes, hot cross buns. In January. Easter doesn’t happen ‘til late March or early April depending on which way the wind blows in the calendar. I considered taking a photo of the display on my crappy camera phone, but having a deep aversion to being slung in jail for 28 days without charge, or at the very least being forced to explain how my taking a photograph of wheat baps containing raisins in a supermarket does not constitute a terrorist threat under section 44, I decided to buy a pack and take a photo at Pie Palace so you can see I’m not taking the piss. Behold – The buns of glory!

A pack of hot cross buns in January

And here’s the close up to verify the date.

Close up of hot cross buns in January


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