A Bitter Taste For Cadbury’s

January 20, 2010

After a long battle for independence, Cadbury’s finally capitulated to Kraft to the sum of £12bn. Kraft has hocked itself to the tune of £7bn to be able to make the bid at the right price for Cadbury’s. The results are nice big payouts to bankers, lawyers, advisers and hedge funds that saw the potential of a quick profit and went for it. Short term benefits for all. Nice if you can get it.

In the meantime, the people on the ground will be losing jobs, knocking out parts of the UK that are already on the ropes, certain brands will almost certainly be lost or renamed and they may foist crappy American chocolate on us sometime in the not too distant future, though they’re quick to assure us this will not happen. As much as I love Green & Black’s, I’ll have to ask myself if I can continue to buy it, knowing the people involved in this venture have not once today mentioned the heritage of the brand, or the value of the people who’ve made it a success. It’s all about the money and it pisses me right off.

My blood vessels are at the point of bursting, as this becomes yet another story in the long list of greedy bastards continuing to profit while everyone else sufferers from the fallout. The moneymen always win. When the fuck is it going to change?



  1. i AGREE!!! carburys is BRITISH and it will nOT be alright if its starts dropping to the level of hersheys.
    surely the cadburys factories n all will still be working though in the uk and providing jobs..

    • Well I’m not so sure, Pineapple Juice. They were talking about cutting jobs, possibly at what I think is the head office in Uxbridge. Whenever these takeovers or mergers occur, people lose jobs. Only the little people on the ground of course. The top people will be handsomely rewarded for a job well done. Like you, I’m also hoping we don’t end up with Hershey type chocolate. I’ve had it and it’s vile.

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