David Cameron’s Campaign Is Going Well

January 27, 2010

I went out on the freezing streets of London with my camera today to try and capture something I saw as I looked out of the window of the number 15 bus yesterday. The aim was to catch it before it was taken down. I was too late:

Billboard in Aldgate East David Cameron poster missing

Thank goodness for t’internet. I knew someone would’ve taken a photo and posted it somewhere and here it is:

Billboard poster of David Cameron defaced

David Cameron campaign poster defaced (January 25, 2010 - Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Europe)

You can see the rest of the set on the Zimbio site. I’m sure that when Messrs Brown and Clegg reveal their poster campaigns, they’ll be accorded the same respect.

Tower Hamlets has spoken.



  1. wonder how the election results will turn out.. there doesnt seem to be much of a choice??

    • You’re right, there isn’t much of a choice. I’ve always voted because I’m aware that this privilege has been hard fought for and is still a pipe dream in some countries, but I have to say for the first time ever I’m seriously considering not doing it. I wish there was a ‘none of the above’ option on the voting sheet. I know the turn out would be much higher if there was.

  2. There’s a little collection, including the one above, here: http://www.moneymad.org/David_Cameron_defaced_posters.htm

    • That’s an impressive collection Katie. There’s clearly a lot of angry people about. Thanks for having a peep at my blog. Pop in again anytime.

  3. That’s unfortunately funny! You should check out this site which contains spoofs of all the Tories previous campaign posters:


    • Faith! I’ve just had a look at these posters and I’ve been laughing out loud. That site is bookmarked. Thanks for flagging it up and I hope you’ll come back and have another look at this blog when you’re at a loose end. Thanks for visiting. I really appreciate it.

  4. This campaign poster is nonsensical. Anyone with any basic intellect can see that this is rubbish. What does the Education version say “I’ll cut the defecit by reducing the Education budget over 5 years…” No. This is a ploy nothing more. Health needs reform and spending re-arrangement. The NHS is floundering and further billions won’t make this problem go away…

    • I hadn’t looked at this post for over a year. Your comment made me revisit to remind me of the poster you were talking about. In the light of what we now know, this poster is a nonsense, but as you said, it was a nonsense in the first place. The NHS reform is coming, but whether it’s a reform that will save the NHS or bury it altogether will become apparent soon enough.

      Thanks for making a comment on this blog. You can do so again any time you like.

  5. […] an expression of general discontentment with the brand, without any hint of passion, extremism or politics? Who would really get their paint out just to say ‘the Go Compare man is a little bit […]

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