TV View – Glee

January 27, 2010

From the time I saw the pilot episode of Glee in December on Channel 4 last year, I was hooked and so far I’ve not been disappointed. This is High School Musical with bite. At McKinley High School in Ohio, Spanish teacher Mr Schuester, played by Matthew Morrison (looking like Justin Timberlake ten years on if he’d never become a successful pop star), decides to take on the job of resurrecting the Glee club. This club is made up of underdogs in a world of conventionally good-looking jocks and cheerleaders. There are plenty of sly wisecracks to rip into the stereotypes and the music’s not bad, though I won’t be rushing to download the album. There are many great characters on this show. I’ll just mention a few. There’s the weary, cynical principal (Iqbal Theba) who’s clearly been in the job too long. There’s the germaphobic guidance counsellor (Jayma Mays) in love with Mr Schu, who looks like a Blythe doll her eyes are so large. There’s Kurt (Chris Colfer), one of the Glee club members who’s gay. Finally, there’s the cheerleading coach (Jane Lynch), Glee’s nemesis, who’s so hardcore you’d imagine her idea of a good weekend would be fighting Marines and wrestling bears.

I missed the first half of the show on Monday as I was watching Nurse Jackie, which I may write about at a later date, but I caught the second half and on watching this sequence laughed out loud:

Since I originally loaded the video for this post in January, Fox the killjoys pulled it from YouTube due to copyright, blah, blah, blah, so the one showing above was the best of a very bad bunch. However, if you’ve not been put off by the quality and still like this bit, you’ll love the rest of the show. I can’t recommend it highly enough.


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