Ashley Cole’s A Bit Strapped For Cash

January 29, 2010

He must be if his Barrister asked on his behalf to be given three weeks to pay a £1,000 speeding fine. Are you having a laugh, geez? If you’re struggling to find £1,000 out of a £100,000 a week footballer’s salary, then the rest of us are stuffed. For going 104mph in a 50mph zone you got a four-month ban and a fine. Anyone else would’ve lost their licence and got slapped with a bigger fine. As is the custom for those who are famous (Pete Docherty, anyone?), you got off lightly, mate.

Now man up and pay up.



  1. If things are anything like they are on my side of the pond, the barrister gets paid first too. Priorities. You’ve got to have them.

    • I believe lawyers and barristers will get paid first, whichever side of the pond you reside. We’re clearly in the wrong jobs.

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