Chocolate Multipacks And The Law Of Diminishing Returns

February 5, 2010

Out of the many pieces of junk I eat on an obscenely regular basis, Cadbury’s Twirl is my current favourite. The recession had downgraded my choc treats from Green & Black’s to any cheap tut I can get my hands on that costs less than a pound. In my search for the cheap hit I’ve found some adequate substitutes including a particularly nice large milk chocolate bar with 45% cocoa, more than Green & Black’s 35% in Aldi for 99p. But however interesting these chocolate journeys, I find myself returning to Twirl every time.

One day, while I was at Tesco’s, I wandered down the confectionery aisle and spied a Twirl multipack. Five in a pack for £1.85 – bargain! I bought it, got home and settled down to enjoy that double-fingered treat. I took one out of the pack and noticed it was slightly smaller. I thought I’d imagined it and would’ve had nothing to compare it to if I didn’t happen to have an empty pack of a previous one I’d sucked the life out of like a vampire. I placed the wrappers side by side and… well, have a look at the picture below:

Cadbury's Twirl chocolate bar wrappers

That’s what disappointment looks like, ladies and gentlemen. If you want a full chocolate hit, don’t buy a mulitipack.



  1. Seeing similar things here. If one’s industry is based on indulgence it seems foolish to reduce the level of indulgence.

    Or perhaps that kind of thinking is why I’m not an entreprenuer.

    • That’s certainly the reason why I’m not one.

  2. I ate half a box of Bassets licquorice allsorts t’other day only to discover that the box itself looked like it’d been suspiciously nibbled. I am probably harbouring a dormant case of Wiel’s disease or bubonic plague…

    but I do feel for you my sister scoffer in your packaging disappointment. truly i do

    • Thanks, Mel. All instances of sympathy gratefully received.

      I’m sure if you go and visit your local quack, he’ll have something to combat that pesky plague. After all, we’ve beaten swine flu, it’s official.

  3. You know what I used to love when I lived there? The Sainsbury’s brand dark chocolate and white chocolate bars. I can’t remember how much they cost. I know it was under £1.. Maybe 50p if I’m not mistaken. And for being cheap they were actually pretty good. I mean they were no cadbury’s but beggars can’t be choosers. Or so I hear.

    • Well, sometimes, the own brand chocs are better than Cadbury’s (oops! should I have said that?!). I’ll do my best to keep up with your blog so I know when you make it to Blighty.

  4. Mmm, yum. I have my own indulgence. I think I’m the only person in the world who likes mint Aero bars.

    • It’s an acquired taste, but it’s definitely worth trying. I like it, in a sparing, once in a blue moon kind of way.

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