Must do better

February 19, 2010

I walked into Liverpool Street Station yesterday and saw this:

Misspelt safety sign at Liverpool Street station

Then today I was in one of those pound shops at Stratford shopping centre (it’s a luxurious life I lead, I know) and saw this:

Pack of four cakes with misspelt label

Someone needs to go back to school.



  1. Were they nice Lol

  2. Ooo forgot the question mark . . .

    • I didn’t buy them. I’ve already had one food disaster for one month, thank you.

  3. You’d get on so well with my girlfriend – she also feels compelled to photograph signs with bad grammar (or is that ‘grammatically incorrect signs?’)

    • Grammatically incorrect signs sounds good to me, To55er. This is a very recent activity I’ve taken up. I’d make a separate blog for it if I had enough material but I think there’s one out there already called failblog. Your girlfriend may enjoy that one.

  4. Maybe slippery. Maybe that will make it easier to sue.

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