There’s An App For That…

February 22, 2010

I may be one of the few people in the universe who doesn’t have an iPhone or iPod Touch and I wish I had one. There are so many things about it that makes it a must have: the touch screen, email, internet, music and then of course there are the apps, those little pieces of software that make your life easier, or just more fun.

A couple of new apps have come to my attention recently. There’s London Taxi, an app that gives you the fastest route and the fare, once you’ve selected your starting location and typed in where you want to go. I’m sure black cab drivers will be delighted at the release of that app. Their worst nightmare would be the smart arse that’ll take great pleasure in telling them the fare they should be paying. As if vomit in the back of the cab isn’t enough to contend with. It’s useful I’m sure, but it takes away the frisson that comes with not knowing what you’ll be paying when you reach your destination. The anticipation as you wonder whether your wallet will be able to stand the punch in the gut from the fare you’ll have to pay is part of the fun, surely. Some of my best rides have been when I’ve either had to find a paper bag to stop myself from hyperventilating when I’ve seen the final fare on the clock, or I’ve had such a good time chatting to the cabbie that I’ve had my fare reduced. Besides, I’m sure it doesn’t cover rogue mini cabs that’ll continue to rip people off and worse, so there’ll be no change there. The second app is Asborometer, which tells you the number of people with an ASBO in any area of the UK. Imagine the fun you could have comparing areas up and down the land. Type in the postcode and… viola! You’ll know the places to go and the places to avoid. It would be useful to people who don’t know an area, but of course the locals already do, so they don’t need it.

Estate Agents up and down the land must be quaking in their boots.



  1. Hi Pie, Add me to your little Club of no iPod or iPhone ownership, (and even further for me: not any mobile phone, Mp3, Facebook, MySpace or Twitter for that matter too)I have computers, landline phones at home and in my office and I carry a camera around constantly so to be honest I’m resisting the rest for as long as humanly possible. Sometimes I’m bloody minded enough to think.. hey let’s NOT be available 24/7,… there’s a thought! Yes, I have to admit that I have been tempted by some App’s that I have seen too, writing easier whilst on the hop would be nice, but then a nice old fashioned book if I’m on the tram is rather brilliant too, so, so far I haven’t succumbed to temptation. The taxi App sounds like a fun instrument of taxi rip off torture, how can it calculate delays standing in traffic when the meter is of course still running?

    • I think the idea of London Taxi is you calculate the fare before you set off to find that cab so you have an idea of what it will cost, but yes, I agree. It doesn’t look like it takes account of the traffic jams and other obstacles so beloved of London roads.

    • I am also very behind in technology (my blog is about as connected as I get). I think it’s hilarious you have this ASBOrometer– I had to look up what that even stands for. It seems this app is only available in the UK, which makes sense. I think the US’s version of judging the going-out scene would be called the ASSHOrometer to measure levels of jerks and women of the night. This makes antisocial behavior look very appealing.

      • ASSHOrometer. Ha, ha, ha. Like it.

  2. God, I’m so close to getting an iphone. If only it had an app to tell me how to get all the music they’ve addicted me to carrying around in my ipod into the phones little memory!

    • I wish I could help you with that one, Oma. I’m not savvy enough tech-wise for that. Damn you, Apple, for selling us techno crack!

      • They have been business savvy enough to ensure there is insufficient memory so you have to buy also the ipod. I’m cynical I know. Lol But imagine how much money they would lose if people stopped buying the new generation Ipods because they have the Iphone. Love my ipod – very old – Goin to treat myself to new gen very soon.

        • I’m thinking about getting a new one also, but my finances would have to improve first. The iPod I have is seriously old now. I’ve had it since 2004 and I won it on a radio competition, one of the few times I’d won anything. As I said before, Apple should be fired into hell for selling us this techno crack. It’s just not on.

          • Lol. Mine is that old. I love the fact you can use with little docking stations. Great when I am going abroad take my music with me to listen in the room. My tiny docking station is so loud. My ipod is always in my docking station at home as it doesn’t work through the heasd phones anymore – hence why I need a new one. At the moment I am using memory cards in my phone but my memory card only has 2 GB.

    • Well there’s a very good reason for not getting an iPhone, I got the HTC Hero because I don’t like the iPhone but I don’t have to struggle with space, I just pop in a bigger microSD card.

      • Hello, tlwf, how nice of you to drop in. I’ll look into the HTC Hero when I get a moment. In the meantime, I’ll continue to dream about the iPhone.

  3. Jumping on the band-wagon as a non iphone user. I would love to own one. One day I probably will when it becomes financially viable for me to use one.

    Absolutely fascinated by all the apps you can get for it. Some are a load of nonsense but others are a stroke of genius.

    Come on phone companies give the Iphone some serious competition to bring the price down. The Nokia N900 is one contender. We need several more.

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