The Best Intentions And All That

February 28, 2010

Another day, another supermarket shopping expedition. I was at Asda in Leyton on a photo mission to illustrate something I hope to write about soon. On the way there I passed a TK Maxx where I saw these in the windows:

Young men in TK Maxx spring campaign poster

Young woman in TK Maxx spring campaign poster

Make of them what you will.



  1. Wasn’t there a Monty Python sketch about identifying the naughty bits that had arrows pointing similarly?

    • Given that it’s Monty Python, Oma, anything is possible.

  2. TK Maxx’s profits will go through the roof Lol

    • It doesn’t matter how you make the sale, baby, just make it! Actually, I’m sure that wasn’t the intention at all, but I thought it was worth putting up to see how others viewed it.

  3. Do they mean you get the whole package with your purchase…. or only the clothes?

    • And there is the rub, Kiwi. It’s for you to decide what they mean here. I felt it deserved to be left as an open question.

      • Puts a whole new twist on the phrases ” buy one get one free” or ” half price sale” or ” 60% off” doesn’t it ? LOL

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