It’s A Fork, But Not As We Know It

March 4, 2010

I was looking at the frozen food section in Asda on the Isle of Dogs last week and saw something strange among the pizza. On the packaging for Chicago Town’s deep dish pizza was an offer of a free knork. A what? I couldn’t take a photo of it at the time, but on Sunday, I went to Asda in Leyton on my way to see family and managed to get a shot.

Box of Chicago Town deep dish pizza with knork offer

You collect four tokens, send them off and eventually receive this free thingy. So what is a knork? Apparently, it’s a combination of a knife and fork. A fork with a knife edge, if you will, for cutting into whatever food you have in front of you so you only ever need to use one hand. I can see its usefulness for those who have a weak hand, or no hand at all, though I don’t think that was the intention. This knork, is a natural progression to the current eating habits of using only a fork when cutting into and eating food. I vaguely remember reading or hearing somewhere that sales of knives are going down because of this habit. That’s a sad state of affairs if it’s true, but fair play to the person who came up with the idea. Perhaps someone out there will invent an instrument, which holds small portions of liquid like soup, or puddings with custard, which you can’t pick up with a fork. Oh, hang on a minute, I think we already have that: it’s called a spoon.



  1. Love me some deep dish pizza weither its from Ginos east in Chicago or Famous Joe’s in New york, certainly eat mines with a fork. Dont much like finger foods (to messy) dont like greasy fingers so a knork would be right up my alley.

    • Webmistress, this is perfect for you! Deep dish pizza with an offer of a free knork. Four tokens and you’re away. What is there not to like? As long as I have access to a paper towel, I’m not fussed about finger food, or eating pizzas with my hands.

      • lol yes a paper towel is a MUST with pizza especially a deep dish it should be a requirement.

  2. Sporks are common here – a spoon with little fork-pointers at the lead edge. Kentucky Fried Chicken puts them in their utensil packets.

    • Mikey… I thought they were just a peculiar fork design for takeaway restaurants, perhaps made for five year olds. I didn’t know they actually had a name!

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