John Lewis Staff Bonus – A Well Deserved Reward At Last

March 12, 2010

Wouldn’t you like to be working at John Lewis, or Waitrose right now?

The John Lewis Partnership had a profit jump of 9.7% creating £306.6 million, bucking the recessionary trend in the retail industry. Because of this profit, the 70,000 staff will soon be receiving a 15% bonus in their pay packet, which is around eight weeks pay. This will be the same across the board, whether that member of staff is on the shop floor, or the chairman’s board. This is because every person who joins John Lewis, or Waitrose, their supermarket, becomes a partner of the company, rather than an employee.

I knew someone who worked at John Lewis years ago and when she told me about being a partner, I though she’d lost her head. Surely only those in the higher tiers of a company could be partners. People on the coalface are employees. They do their job. They get paid. That’s it. The job is just a means to pay for bills and beer. They feel like a cog in the wheel and not a stakeholder in their place of employment. At John Lewis it’s different. I know my friend was very happy while she was there and certainly when I shop at both John Lewis and Waitrose whenever my budget permits, I have a lovely experience. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and polite. It’s so civilised. If any of my global readers haven’t yet made it to London, or are planning to do so again, I would strongly urge you pay a visit to John Lewis on Oxford Street, Peter Jones in Sloane Square, or any number of Waitrose around town. We have two in Tower Hamlets – one in Wapping, the other in Canary Wharf. How lucky am I?

The partners of John Lewis would’ve worked very hard in this recession to do well because they felt the company belonged to them. They fought to keep it afloat without intervention from the government. Any money they make is well deserved, not least because the rewards are shared with everyone, not just those at the top.

What a lovely change.



  1. Every time I hear of such a partnership, the results are the same. People respond to having a stake in the success of the whole instead of lining the pockets of people who wouldn’t give them the time of day.

    London is still a dream for me, but there’s still time left for me to make it happen!

    • And when you’re ready, we’ll welcome you with open arms.

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