16 Year Old Brit Makes History By Being Sacked Through Facebook

March 25, 2010

Technology. Don’t you just love it? It enables us to contact people from all parts of the world in an instant, whether by email, text, or social networking sites. We don’t have to be face-to-face to connect and we don’t need to wait for a carrier pigeon to bring a message from a loved one. We can be anyone or anything we like in cyberspace and it’s all fine and dandy. That’s the upside. But here’s the downside: because we don’t need to be face-to-face anymore to communicate, people are increasingly dumping and being dumped by email or text. A teenager here in Blighty has achieved an unenviable first. She’s the first person to be sacked by Facebook. How cold is that?

As reported in the Metro paper this week, 16 year old Chelsea Taylor found she was sacked from her £3.55 an hour job at a café called Cookies in Manchester through Facebook. Her crime was to lose the £10 she was given to buy biscuits. She offered to pay it back, but it clearly wasn’t enough to rectify the mistake, as she found a badly spelt message telling her she was fired when she logged on to Facebook that evening. Class. As you’d expect, the café declined to comment, possibly because, oh, I don’t know, they wouldn’t be able to justify themselves. By all means sack the girl if you felt she’d fallen short of your high expectations, but at least show some standards of your own. As it is, the story has made the papers and the reputation of the café is not looking too good right now. This sorry tale shows that Facebook is not the tool for every occasion.

Bet they wish they’d told her face-to-face now.



  1. Wow…. that’s definitely a first… I think that personal relationships can be discussed and explored on Facebook, but not professional relationships. It’s just not going to work.

    • You have put it down in a nutshell, Suyeonb13. It’s a shame the owners of that cafe couldn’t make that distinction.

  2. Right. The cafe should become the first cafe to be boycotted via Facebook/Twitter/Google Buzz.

    • I’m sure someone has already set up a group on Facebook and the twitter community will be all a flutter.

  3. Erm, I think sacking people on Facebook is going a little bit too far – surely the cafe wouldn’t have a justifiable reason to sack her if she offered to pay out of her own money? That’s just silly anyway even without the Facebook malarkey.

    • Well I was reading some reader comments on the Sun website in relation to this and some people believed there was more to this than being sacked just for losing £10. Regardless of the deeper reason, if there was one, sacking someone by Facebook shows a lack of professionalism, to put it mildly.

  4. Manchester – what else can you expect?

    This was awful in its way and the cafe staff (at least the one who did the sacking) deserves everything that comes their way including a boycott of the premises.

    Young Chelsea though is having her ‘fame time’ and I am sure someone out there will offer her a better job in no time at all.

    • She’s young and pretty. It’s guaranteed.

  5. What a cold, unfeeling, unprofessional and unclassy thing to do to a young person.

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