You Lucky People!

April 14, 2010

Is your name John, or Margaret? If so, you are more likely to win in the National lottery than anyone else in town. Those with the names of either John or Margaret are the luckiest players, but worry not. If you are a David, or a Susan, you’re also in with a chance. Other lucky names are, if you are male: Alan, James, Michael, Paul, Peter, Robert, Stephen and William and if you are female: Christine, Elizabeth, Janet, Jean, Karen and Linda. I’m not sure how it would work with American names. Maybe Chuck and Cindy would be the luckiest players. What I’m sure of is this: having a name like Pie is not going to help me win the lottery. Ever.

Just call me John. Or Margaret.



  1. I think this is a confusion based on probability but determined by popularity of the names. There are more Johns and Margarets than Pies, so they will also be more likely to win – unless none of the Johns and Margarets play, and ALL the Pies do. (unlikely)

    You still win the naming lottery, which I lost.
    I like Michael, but there were 4-6 in every class growing up.

  2. I don’t think to55er is going to win either!

    • Au contraire, my good man. A few tossers have won the lottery over the years. Remember the lottery lout from a few years ago? I wouldn’t put you in that company, though. You’re much too sensible.

  3. damnn!
    I guess that makes sense why i never win…

    • Well if you change your name to one of those above, you could increase your chances to be the definite one in around 14 million.

  4. Damn my ridiculous Mediterranean name/heritage!!

    • Well, try it in Spain, Italy, or any other Mediterranean country and you may be in with a chance. Indeed, try the Euro Lottery and you’ll cover all bases!

  5. Hey John! Haha, had to try that out.

    • I like a person who’s willing to play the game. Well done!

  6. Well from what i`ve seen here in the US, the ones who win typically have very uncommon names Ming’s Keaton or Susans have worn, as for just common names as awhole here those would be Aaron, Mary, Micheal, Tracey, Linda, John, Chris and Paula.

    I do hope you win one day, just be careful what you wish for everybody is not suppose to be rich because some people dont know how to handle such offerings.

    • That’s right, Webmistress. There are probably as many stories of disastarous lottery winners as there are of successful ones. I sometimes believe I’m not meant to be a winner for the reasons you stated above. I think my fortune will be created by good old fashioned hard work and a certain amount of luck. It will certainly be more satisfying. Having said all that, I wouldn’t mind having the experience, if only for a short time. I’d end up giving away two thirds of it anyway.

      • I have read and seen more than many peopel have been kileld for winning, families have turned against some for not “sharing” and all sorts of things. Its really sad you think when you win that life would get better for people, but alot of the time it gets worst….alot worse.

        I am not to happy with them publicizing a persons winnings it should be a priavte affair for safety reasons obviouslly. Guess its the systems way of alerting the IRS and any other people a person might “owe” monies to. All the riches in the world are not worth 1/4 of the troubles you would recieve from winning.

        • No it’s not worth that kind of hassle. I think there’s an option to stay anonymous (at least in this country), but some people like the publicity, don’t they?

          • (sorry for all the previous type o’s) these darn fingers of mines are getting slower and slower while my racing thoughts are picking up speed lol

            Yes people do love to boast & brag about what they have, if I was ever a winner i’d be totally hush hush…here I think they make all winners known by force.

            it really should be a private matter, its cost some people their lives not keeping it secret.

          • Remind me to never buy a lottery ticket in America!

  7. Based on this, looking at the last couple of conservative prime ministers, it’s looking good for “David” seeing as though he’s following a Margaret and a John 🙂 – Frankly whoever we get in government , it’s a lottery in my eyes!

    • Wow! I hadn’t even thought of that. How brilliant of you to point it out. As someone once said, it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the government always gets in. I hope to get my act together and post something about our election very soon.

  8. Its awful just google the name “Abraham Shakespeare” also there are even more crimes of that nature for small winnings like at casinos
    A man in Missouri won less than 1K, was followed home, robbed and killed for it.

    …so there is not alot to feel lucky about if your ever a winner

    • Wow. That’s harsh, Webmistress.

      • At the casinos here the make you ride home with the winnings, there should be a way to deposit it into their bank accounts from within the casinos. Sometimes a guard wil escort you to your car and otehr times not…guess they feel cheated or at a loss so no need for them to protect those who win.

        • Like I said. That’s harsh. I’ll try to not win anything if I ever make it to Vegas.

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