Wedding Bubbles

May 19, 2010

What do you feel when you look at this?

close up of bubble wrap

Happiness? Deep joy? A strong urge to reach out and pinch your screen to feel the bubble yield from under your fingers and hear that satisfying pop? None of the above, because you’re a miserable bastard it’s just not your thing? Well, one bride from Lincolnshire took it a step further.

Rachel Robinson, a 30-year-old teacher wore a wedding dress containing 13ft of bubble wrap. The dress was made from recycled materials by parents and pupils for a fashion show a month ago. The bubble wrap was sewn to an inner cloth lining and the dress was finished with white foam packaging and Haribo sweets. A few days after the show, while on holiday in Canada, Duncan Turner popped the question. Rachel knew just the dress to wear for the event.

The bride wears a dress made of bubble wrap

Photo: Mark Bullimore/Masons News Service

Those bubbles were very useful as she was able to pop them to calm her nerves. Not to be outdone, her husband broke with tradition and took his wife’s name.

Our British eccentricity is alive and well, thank goodness.



  1. Obviously I’ve watched too much Project Runway because my first reaction seeing the dress was “wow, they made it flow like fabric!”. Huh.

    • I don’t watch project runway, but it sounds like fun. Is there plenty of bitching involved? I make this assumption because it’s a ‘reality’ fashion programme, isn’t it?

      • For the US version your assumption is spot on, though it differs from season to season. In the Canadian and Australian version there’s surprisingly little bitching involved. And yes, I’m a tv addict. 🙂 It’s the perfect balance for academic work. To me at least.

        • Whatever works for you. A bit of fluff never did anyone any harm.

  2. Not too convinced by those wooden spoons. I mean, I know that traditionally it signifies good luck, but in my sports addled head it signifies a booby prize.

    • Do you know, I didn’t even notice the wooden spoons. I was too busy concentrating on the bubble wrap on the dress. Could you explain why it would be a booby prize in sports terms?

      Aren’t you the Brit living in America? I read your post about the election drinking game, which I thought was a hoot, but it was nearly two weeks after the event, so I didn’t comment. I will make an effort for future postings. Thanks for having a look at my blog. If you want a Brit fix every now and again, you could do a lot worse than come here. It is very London centric, but if you’re OK with that, it will be great to see you.

      • In the Six Nations whoever comes last is said to have won the wooden spoon. More generally, you might hear someone saying they’ve won the wooden spoon if they do badly or just plain suck at something. Not the best of associations on your wedding day.

        Yeah, that’s me. Thanks for visiting my blog. London-centric sounds good to me. I used to live in North London (Holloway Road and then later on Finchley Road).

        • Ah, I’ve got it now. I expect she was busy popping the bubbles to calm her nerves and wouldn’t see the significance of the spoons in sporting terms. I’m an East Londoner myself, but I have had occasion to be in the vicinity of Holloway and the Finchley Road.

  3. That’s great that she used recycled materials and her dress looks pretty!

  4. Eccentric is the word alright! I always thought that women were rather fanatical about their choice of wedding gown, but perhaps those were HER pupils who helped make it? They did do a nice job.

    • Yes, her pupils did make the dress and I think they did a good job too. I’ve seen you on Oma’s blog making comments from time to time. Welcome to mine.

  5. Even as much as I love bubble wrap, I would’ve never thought of wearing it even in a million years. I give this lady kudos for creativity!

    • Well, it was the pupils and parents who were the creative ones, in the design sense. She was creative enough to use it for such an important occasion. Fair play to her.

  6. Ooh, that’s a very unfortunate choice. I think it was the wooden spoon necklace that put it over the edge for me.

    • The wooden spoons may have been a bit much, but as ideas go, I could think of worse ones and it was certainly fun. Thanks for having a look at my blog, Betty. Make a return visit and you’ll receive a warm welcome.

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