A Cold Stone Milkshake Is Stone Cold

May 28, 2010

Men’s Health magazine, a publication full of images of men with unfeasible six packs, is possibly the only magazine to send men into the dark cave of physical self-hatred that women have been living in for millennia. The magazine is in the news because they have a list of the 20 unhealthiest drinks in America. It’s thanks to them, that we now know of the drink that topped this unholy list. It’s called The Cold Stone PB&C, a milkshake made up of peanut butter, chocolate ice cream and milk. One single carton contains a heart stopping 2,010 calories, beating the total daily intake for women and just falling short of the intake for men. That’s the equivalent of 68 rashers of bacon, 30 chocolate chip cookies, 3 roast beef dinners with veg, or 5 portions of shepherd’s pie. Mmmm… yummy.

Cold stone PB and C milkshake at 2,010 calories

I had a look at their website and as an ice cream lover I was salivating. I know I’d be there in a heartbeat and it would be my last heartbeat soon after. If I wanted to go down the healthy route I could go for their healthy indulgence section, where the products look the same, but have a lot less fat and sugar.

I suppose the intention of the list was to show the horror of bad food to their target audience. Dear editorial team of Men’s Health magazine, you don’t know the real horror of bad food because you haven’t yet read the This Is Why You’re Fat book. They used to have a website, but it seems to have disappeared, which is a real shame. My favourite from that site/book, and I say this advisedly, is still the meat ship. It looks as bad as it sounds, believe me. If by publishing this list, they have ignited the curiosity of people like me to find the website, then hanker after the produce instead of being repelled by it, then I would say they’ve failed in spectacular fashion.

I know you have some bad food examples, so don’t be shy. Tell me about them. The bucket, like a faithful friend, is waiting by my side.



  1. I don’t have any bad dishes to report since, as a recently diagnosed diabetic, they are apparently all bad! But OMG that milkshake sounds good! *drool*

    • Doesn’t it sound great? It’s wrong, but oh, so right. I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis. That’s a real bummer. Hopefully it’s only diet restrictions you have to deal with and not insulin injections as well.

  2. If they can make it without the peanut butter then count me in.

    • That should knock off a thousand calories straight away!

  3. Its great, but can you handle it?

    I love ice cream as well do dont feel guilty, i’ve switched though to sherbert its just as tasty and much more healthier than the “cream” heavy cream is heavy on your body in due time.

    • I can handle it once and once only.

      What’s sherbert? Is it the fizzy sweet powder of my childhood, or is it a less fattening kind of ice cream I don’t know about?

      • Its made of fruits and juice oppose to heavy cream and such, its lighter, healthier and just as good a Ice cream although the only down side to it is that sherbert comes in a limited variety of flavors.

        • Thanks for the explanation. It doesn’t sound like sorbet (which I don’t like very much), but I like proper ice cream with milk and cream and flavours and everything…

          • hmmm now you have me wanting to find out the differences between Sherbet and Sorbet

  4. lol @ handling it once and only once

  5. I live at Cold Stone! Good thing I never get their milkshakes but I wouldn’t be surprised if my favorite ice cream has at least 500 calories in a small cup.

    • 500 calories? Yup. Probably. Welcome to my blog.

  6. Personally, I’d rather have the 5 helpings of Shepherd’s pie. 🙂

    Oh and sherbert (the American version) is kind of like icecream but usually fruity and made with less dairy. Kind of like sorbet (but I don’t think sorbet has any dairy…)

    • You’re right. Sorbet doesn’t have dairy in it. Sorbet is water and fruits I think. I’m not keen on sorbets…

  7. Sherbert sounds a bit like frozen yogurt, which I do like a lot, but nothing beats a heart stoppingly unhealthy ice cream!
    That milkshake sounds immense! Whenever I’m sat at Marylebone of a late evening, waiting for a train home, I treat myself to an AMT milkshake. They are really good, especially the blueberry one. But I hadn’t considered the fact that they are probably more calories than an average meal. Although at least you do feel like you’ve had a meal, if you get a smoothie, that can have about 600 calories in and it’s just juice!
    I’m a real pudding girl; brownies, cheesecake, sticky toffee pudding… you name it and I’m drooling beside it.

    • Hello, Sillybry. Welcome to my blog. I think Sherbert is frozen yoghurt, which I’ve had before. It’s very nice. Definitely better than a sorbet.

      AMT is the staple of mainline stations everywhere. I used to have their hot chocolates when I worked in Kings Cross many moons ago, before they cleaned it up. I must go and try the blueberry one. I’m all about blueberries at the moment. I also love puddings. Spotted Dick and Jam Roly Poly are my favourites.

      • Yep, I tell myself that it’s healthier because it’s blueberry. Total rubbish, but I’m happy with the denial!

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