Meels Schmeels They’re Heels For Men

May 30, 2010

Pity the men of the western world. They have had the indignity of the mirdle, which I wrote about in a previous post and now hot on the heels come… the high heel. But the heels that men have been wearing on and off for centuries are not called heels anymore. No sir. They are Meels. Yes, Meels. Men and heels. It’s a merging of the words heels and men like Brangelina, or TomKat. Geddit? No? Why not?

Justin Timberlake in heels for the Beyonce single ladies spoof video

Heels for men are nothing new. It was common in the French courts of the 16th century and Cuban heels have been worn since, well forever it seems (step up and take a bow, Prince). There are cowboy boots, glam rock stacked heels of the seventies and shoe lifts, the invisible helper for men of diminutive stature. Let’s not forget drag artists and transvestites who have been wearing heels for many a year before it was renamed for the benefit of Metrosexuals, fashionistas and Shoreditch twats. We also have meggings (men’s leggings) to accompany the meels.

Replace the ‘e’ with a ‘u’ and you’ll have to agree that any man who spends his hard earned on these will have been properly megged.



  1. People dont care wat you wear meels heels flats wat ever. Women wear mens boots men wear woman boots so what.

    • So what indeed. If it was really so what, you wouldn’t have felt the need to comment to tell me… err… so what!

      I liked your comment, nevertheless. Thanks for making it and welcome to my blog.

  2. please i love heels i want to wear them but am so scared if other men do i can just blend in thumbs up for men in heels.

    • Go on. Be the trendsetter in your town! Thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog.

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