Glamtox – The Latest Stick To Beat Ageing

July 7, 2010

Age is a funny thing. In some areas of the world, it’s an indicator of wisdom and a life lived. Respect is given to an elder. Here in most parts of the Western world, we shun ageing. We don’t respect it and do as much as we can to delay the inevitable. Millions are spent on lotions and potions that may or may not work. But if these products delay the fear of literally staring death in the face for a little longer, then job done. With this in mind, another age defying solution is out to be consumed with the desperation of a person who hasn’t eaten for several days.

Glamtox is a collagen drink contained in the kind of sachets usually seen at cafes and filled with sugar. It’s to be mixed with 200ml of water and claims to reduce lines on your face by up to 30 per cent in six weeks. This is because it’s supposed to attack the signs of ageing from the inside out, so there’s no need for injections or operations. Each stick contains natural collagen boosting extracts, with Pomegranate and Peptan as the ‘essential’ ingredients to promote regeneration of skin cells and smoothness. It is said these sticks are favourites with the usual suspects: Sienna Miller, an incredibly ageing 28!; Victoria Beckham, a Sharpei at 36; and Kate Bosworth. She really needs it at 27, I’m sure. I’m surprised Jennifer Aniston hasn’t featured in this list, as hers is the name to attach to almost any new beauty/quack/snake oil product (delete as you see fit) that comes on the market. But that may be because she’s over forty now, poor lamb.

More than 35,000 people have ordered the product, but this miracle cure is not cheap (no surprise there). If I’m going to pay £49.99 for a pack of 14 sticks, it had better bring my skin back to the smoothness of a baby’s arse. I imagine drinking Pomegranate juice could work reasonably well, if a little more slowly. And it would be infinitely cheaper.


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