Essex Father Gets Voice Over Part In Toy Story 3

July 12, 2010

An IT manager from Essex won a competition for a voice over cameo in Toy Story 3. Matt Broughton was nominated by his son Reef for the Disney XD contest. He fought off the competition for this coveted role by doing an audition at Pinewood studios as one of the final four, chosen from hundreds of uploaded entries. He is to feature as one of the Bucket O’ Soldiers.

Toy story Sarge from the Bucket O' Soldiers

He’s still getting his head round the idea of being in a big summer blockbuster alongside Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Joan Cusack. I think it’s excellent and well done to him. As someone who saw Toy Story when it first came out in 1995, has Toy Story 1 and 2 on DVD and has three large Buzz Lightyear toys as well as several of the other characters in various sizes and combinations, five-year old Pie can’t wait to see this new one.



  1. I think it’s stunningly cool that they looked outside of the pool of “usual suspects” to look for a new voice, it could have so easily been given to yet another Hollywood-I-think-I’m-a-Star.
    The 5 year old Kiwidutch (both the adult one and the kid) agree with you 200%.
    We will be lining up with great pleasure to see the 3rd outing of Toy Story in our local cinema very soon.

    • Another adult with a five year old self stuffed inside – yay!

      • If the kids have been extra good a winding me up, you will catch a glimpse of the latent 2 year old in me too LOL

  2. I could do with a voice over job myself – need the cash.

    • Don’t we all? It’s a recession, innit.

  3. I wish I got the part – okay, I don’t have a manly voice so that’s impossible but never mind. It’s great that they picked a complete nobody instead of falling on to yet another Hollywood star.

    P.S. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I don’t know how the heckles I got on to Freshly Pressed but it was a terrible shock (in a good way). I thought you had to be established!

    • That’s why I put it up, Scarlet. It’s the unexpected I’m interested in. And what a great thing for that family.

      As for your promotion to freshly pressed, I was super impressed. I don’t think you have to be established. Apparently, they trawl though the blogs and pick the ones they like. I had a theory that they only put up American blogs, or those that had a heavy American slant. Your appearance blew that theory out the water. I wanted to give myself a reason for not appearing (so far)… bugger! Have you found a much larger audience since you became the star of the show for the day?

  4. Pretty cool 🙂 I always thought voice-acting would be a good job. Well, physically easy, anyway.

    • Hello and welcome to my blog.

      I think it would be a great job and I’d love to do it, but acting is acting and if you’re no good at expressing yourself on stage or screen, I don’t expect you’d be much better at the voice only version. But of course I could be wrong.

      It just occurred to me that it would be harder to do, because you really have to make that animated character you’re voicing believable and it has to be high energy, even in the quieter moments. You’d really be earning your pennies doing that gig.

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