There’s Nowt So Queer As Rappers – Snoop Dogg Wants To Be On Coronation Street!

July 12, 2010

Life seems to have an inexhaustible well of the strange and the random. Just as well really, as it continues to feed this blog. Here’s one for you. Snoop Dogg, having conquered Glastonbury a couple of weeks ago, apparently wants to make an appearance on Coronation Street.

Snoop Dogg, an American rap and hip hop artist

He’s been a fan for 11 years he says. He could certainly help Betty make her hotpot, or give Norris something to whinge about, but he’s not the first singer or musician to go down the thespian route and certainly not the first rapper.

Ice Cube held his own in Three Kings alongside Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney. His slide into horrible family friendly films is unfortunate, but I’m sure he’ll recover. Ice T was in Law and Order SVU. Queen Latifah has been in several films from Chicago to The Bone Collector and Mo’Nique won an Oscar this year for her performance in Precious. Eminem was the star of 8 Mile, but he was just playing himself, wasn’t he? David Bowie made a decent fist of it in The Man Who Fell To Earth. Steve Van Zandt from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street band was a sturdy long player in The Sopranos and Reba McEntire was memorable in Tremors.

So here’s the question? Do you think a singer/musician can become a decent actor? Give examples if you can, whichever side of the fence you’re on. But be kind… there are fragile egos at stake here!



  1. Of course they can. Cher, Barbara Streisand, Will Smith Mark Wahlberg, are prime examples.

    Apparently Eminem was also equally impressive in 8 mile. Russell Crowe, Kylie Minogue are other examples.

    One has to have a common sense approach to this, the fact that someone is a musician, does not preclude them being a good actor. That is not to say every musician can be a good actor, ah hem Madonna springs to mind.

    Jennifer Hudson another recent example who has a voice like one of the diva’s from yesteryear, No 1 selling Album – won her Oscar for Dreamgirls.

    In fact some of the above examples are actually better actors than those individuals who have only been actors.

    • I find most singers too be poor actors. I’m personally not into Snoop Dog’s music so why should I bother watching his appearance on Coronation Street? He is a loser like most rappers.

      Queen Latifah is okay in movies. She doesn’t deserve an oscar but she can make me laugh. Emimen sucked in my opinion (ah another rapper) but Will Smith shouldn’t even be mentioned in this list. He is simple awesome because he has proved he could be as dumb as smart and captivating in his roles.
      Other bad examples, Mariah Craey, Britney Spears, Beyoncé Knowles, Rihanna…

      P.S: Russel Crowe is a singer? Is one of the best acors out there, how could I miss it?

    • That’s a great list, Groovy chick. I had forgotten most of these. Of course Barbra Streisand and Jennifer Hudson and Will Smith and, and, and…

      Being a musician does not preclude you from being an actor as your list has proven, but as you’ve also illuminated the fact that some musicians should just leave it alone. However, fair play to them for trying!

  2. Hibiscus – It is a matter of taste who you would want to watch as an actor. He may not be to your liking but Snoop Dogg is clearly not a loser, his debut album went quadruple Platinum and he broke all records for a debut artist.

    Who said Russell Crowe was either a singer or musician in a band? See Pie’s question above.

    In any event being a good actor can sometimes be down to the particular role and Director. If you watch Russell Crowe, in many of his Aussie earlier roles, trust me you would not be saying he was a good actor. Conversely , you may see someone you considered a good actor, absolutely stink in another film.

    Remember for some of these musician turned actors, it could be there first outing into the world of acting. There is a saying practice makes perfect.

    Donnie Wahlberg is another prime example of a good musician turned actor, many didn’t even realise it was him in the 6th Sense, he was that good. Barbara Streisand another of my favourites.

    I totally agree with your poor examples.

    • Meant to say Russell Crowe was either a singer or musician, as he was in a band – not famous, but still . . .

      • Fiiiiiiight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

        Hibiscus in the red corner and Groovy chick in the blue. Anyone else ready to rumble in this jungle?

        • Ha, ha, ha.

          Great provocative post by the way Pie Lol

          • Ok everyone sorry for dislking your personal taste. I just hate the fact that some singers get important roles because of their “status” when emerging actors who don’t have enough relations or popularity to be awarded the roles they deserve to play.

            Unless you are a hell of a good actor like Will Smith or Russel Crowe (I tell you he’s good), I say singers/rappers should be banned from acting. lol

            What about J.Lo dear frineds?

          • What do I think of J-Lo? I’ve never been particularly enamoured with her music, but her acting isn’t too shabby, if she’s in the right film. The one I can remember where she was very good indeed was Out Of Sight with George Clooney. I think that may had been her first film role.

          • Now, who said it is our tastes. You assume too much, I am just arguing the case for and against. Lol.

            Snoop Dogg may probably stink as an actor, but let’s see, if anything it will be entertaining. I suspect he will be playing himself.

            The point am making is don’t assume that a rapper or musician is going to be poor actors because you know of some that have been. If they stink, they stink, give them a chance.

            You mention Russell Crowe – case and point. Checkout some of his early attempts of acting, after saying Sayonara to his musical career. Not good.

            Am not a big Cher fan, but I love her acting, am not a big fan of Barbara Streisand, but love her movies. Love Bette Midler in films, I can go on and on.

            Anyway, this is all in good fun Lol.

  3. Elvis should have stayed out of the movies. But his singing utterly redeems his bad choices.

    Thumbs up: Sinatra! Bing Crosby. Dolly Parton. Tina Turner.

    My beloved Boy George did an outstanding job in his 90s musical “Taboo.” He loves Coronation Street — I wonder what he’d think of Snoop?

    • Hello, Jacki. Welcome to my blog.

      That’s a good set of names you’ve put here. Can I add Sammy Davis Jr to that list of old school? In those days they did everything. No compartmentalising for them.

      Ah, the lovely Boy George. I’m sure he’d have sharp words to say about Snoops attempts at British soap infamy. There again, he may think it’s a cracking idea and would try and see if they could be on it at the same time!

  4. By the way, Groovy Chick. I love your new Avatar. It suits you very well.

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