Happy Birthday! Pie And Biscuits Is One Year Old Today

July 15, 2010

Yes, Pie and Biscuits is one year old today. The time has gone so quickly. It was a tentative Pie that started this blog on the 15th July, because I wasn’t sure if:

1. I could keep it up.
2. I’d be able to write as freely as I did to my friends on my email list, because I was aware this was going out on t’internet, and therefore the world.
3. Anyone outside of my personal group would be interested in my wittering anyway.

Tentative I may have been, but my ego was big enough to push me into giving it a go. It’s now a year down the line and what have I learnt? I found that:

1. I’ve kept it up, even with the random scheduling of my posts and life stuff getting in the way.
2. I’ve now settled down to be as free on this blog as I was in my emails. My commentators are the new online friends and they’re great.
3. People are interested in my stuff and nonsense. I’ve commented on many blogs and most people return the favour. Some have become regular visitors to my online Pie Palace and they have interesting things to say. It’s a party every day and I thank you all for coming.

So in celebration of this great day (in my little universe at least), I pulled out a few of my early musings and more recent ones from the Pie archive that should keep you busy for a while. I hope you enjoy them and that you will continue to read and comment on future posts, as and when you feel the urge. Here’s to year two!

Birthday candle in a pie

Happy birthday to meeee.

This was the second post on my new and shiny blog. Swine Flu was big news at the time.

A couple of (very) short ones for you


Andrew Ridgley, formerly of Wham is getting older. The tabloid papers were making a big deal of it – why?

A meditation on depression after a German goalkeeper killed himself last year.

I went to see The Specials in November 2009. It was a top gig.

This one proved to be a very popular post. It still makes me laugh whenever I read it. It was even funnier to experience it.



  1. Happy blog birthday! And very best wishes for many happy returns. You are a bright, passionate and thoughtful writer who creates high quality content. In my books that puts you on the top rung of the blogging ladder s blog on!

  2. Happy Birthday Pie!
    ahhhh many happy (Kiwi)memories of Mr Whippy here too!
    Sadly no Mr Whippy exists in the Netherlands, which is a lamentable and criminal loss of a “special kid experience” for my kids.
    I starting blogging just over one year ago too, with pretty much the same ideas and worries as you, but unlike you I actually um, ouch(forgot)my recent blogging birthday… Yep, Duh!
    Here’s to Happy second year scribbling for both of us!!!
    Blog on my friend 🙂

    • And a happy blog birthday to you, Kiwi. Keep the travelogue (and the odd recipe) going.

  3. The Mr. Whippy post is what first brought me to your pie shop. What a hoot! Fack. Fack fack. Fack fack fack fack. Fack.

    I’m planning to get a celebratory birthday mullet. Thanks for bringing us much fun, good writing, and interesting ideas!

    • Thanks for being an attentive reader, Jacki. Yes, get the celebratory mullet and embarrass your friends and loved ones… you know you want to.

  4. ♫ Happy Birthday Pienbiscuits . . . Lol

    • Thanks, Groovy Chick. Remind me when you get to your first blog birthday and I’ll have a glass of champagne in your honour.

  5. Happy Birthday Pie!!!

    Congratulation on setting up this blog and keeping it going. I always used to look forward to your emails in the ‘olden days’ and was well chuffed that you finally “bit the biscuit” and set this blog up.
    I always look forward to your musings whatever the subject and look forward to your second year and more!

    Keep it up and celebrate in style 🙂

    • For the uninitiated, Ant was one of the friends who received my emails before this blog came into being. Indeed, of all my friends who encouraged me to do this, Ant is one of the few who reads regularly, promotes it like mad and comments when the situation warrants it. Ant, I’m thinking about putting up a fan page on Facebook. Do you think it’s a goer?

      • ooo fan page… yeah go for it – if it means more ppl read it!
        you can always scrap if it you need to or if its too much additional work??
        BTW i know you have a penchant for the bubbly stuff.. d’ya think ur fans should start raising funds to buy you some of this?

        • Oooh, yeah. I would love that. Bring on that bubbly!

  6. I for one am thankful that your ego was big enough to keep you going 😀
    You’re a damn good read, lady, congratulations on hitting a year!

    • Thanks, SBC. Because I know you don’t tolerate bullshit in thought, word or deed, I’m happy that you enjoy what I have to say. I’ll just keep it going and see where I go with this blog thingy.

  7. Congratulations on reaching this milestone in your blogging career! I’m sure the coming year will be every bit as rewarding as the previous one. Take care!

    • Thanks nothingproud. I expect year two will be better, informed by what I see, read and hear. This blog will also be informed by the comments I get here, so stay tuned.

  8. 1 year of taunting the blogosphere… Congratulations British pal! I thought you had been around for much longer than that because you write like an experienced blogger.

    • Taunting the blogosphere… I like that. I may use that phrase as part of my elevator speech. You know, where you’re supposed to sell yourself to the person who may hire you in 30 seconds or less.

      • Please do, use it. The elevator speech is a challenge for people like you and I who always have so much to say. Am I wrong? Now you have to help me figure out what to say in my own elevator speech.

        • So much to say? You’re not wrong. That’s why Twitter will be a nightmare for me. If I ever get round to signing up.

  9. Congrats! Happy Birthday!!!

    • Welcome back, B. Where the hell have you been? As a faithful subscriber, I hope to receive one of your posts by email soon, It’s been too long. Thanks for your good wishes.

  10. Congratulations Pie!

    Pie and biscuits on you! I’ll have a steak and kidney and a custard cream.

    • Thanks, Anthony. Personally, I’m going to have Fish and Chips with champagne (or most likely Cava, ‘cos it’s a recession, innit).

  11. I’m a big fan! Congrats P, reaching a year is a big milestone!

    See you here same time next year, and a lot in between.

    • Thanks, Oma. I know you celebrated your own 1st year anniversary just a few short months ago. You and me together will conquer the world!

  12. Congratulations!!!

  13. Happy belated birthday!! I love your posts, they are very insightful and entertaining, but I have to ask: Will you be posting any pie recipes anytime soon? 😉

    • No. I don’t cook food, I just hoover it up 😉 Thanks for your birthday wishes. I really appreciate it.

  14. Pie! Oh lovely pie! I haven’t seen you for a while…
    Happy birthday and here’s to may more slices in the future (that’s a *very* dumb pie analogy indeed, but oh well…)In my early days as a newbie blogger (okay, so it was four months ago…) i looked up to you as an infinitely wise pillar of the blogging community. Atleast i know about the ‘wise’ bit now. 😉

    Anyway, here’s a metaphorical slice of cake (gasp! felony!)and…
    lots of love, Josie -x-

    • Thanks, mate. Haven’t seen you for a while either. I hope all is well. Four months on your blog, eh? That’s good work. I expect to hear from you when you’ve reached that magic first year. Good luck.

  15. Happy Birthday! have enjoyed reading the older posts you flagged up. Couldn’t help recalling the Peter Kay piece on the ice-cream wars! Here’s to the next year – looking forward to reading your posts in the Olympic build-up!

    • Peter Kay – I love him! Phoenix Nights was a great comedy series. When I think of the episode where they put together a fundraising funfair that went badly wrong, I still cry with laughter.

      Thanks for your good wishes. There will be a post on the Olympics very soon as there have been articles about a couple of things recently, which I’m sure you already know about.

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