Brian Blessed Is On A Sat Nav – Whatever You Do, Don’t Turn Up The Volume!

August 13, 2010

Brian Blessed, a British actor I mentioned briefly in my post about the abysmal performance of the England team at the World Cup, is to lend his voice to sat nav company TomTom, after a Facebook campaign (natch), saw over 25,000 people sign up. Some people must want their ears to bleed, because this man is LOUD. He started his career as PC ‘Fancy’ Smith in the British TV series Z Cars in the 1960s then went on to work on stage and screen. He’s probably best known for his role as Prince Vultan in the Film Flash Gordon. The line “Gordon’s Alive!” will almost certainly follow him to his grave.

Brian Blessed as Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon

There are many celebrity sat nav voices including John Cleese, Eddie Izzard, Kim Cattrall and Darth Vadar (yes, really), but I think this one will be very popular, as long as you turn the volume down. It will be available in October, apparently. So you get an idea of what you’d hear if you tuned your sat nav to his voice, here’s a YouTube clip of him guest hosting on Have I Got News For You. Brace yourselves…



  1. I don’t think I want my GPS singing to me, although it might be amusing for about two minutes.

    • He doesn’t sing, as far as I know, but the voice definitely carries…

  2. You can also get Snoop Dog and Mr – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYMhjqxIQrw

    I’m holding out for Tom Baker to do one.

    • Oooh. Tom Baker would be a brilliant addition. You mean he’s not on the list already?

      • I had a look at your link with Snoop Dogg doing the sat nav – that is off the scale!

  3. I may have to look for that one. I have to replace my Dennis Hopper voice on tomtom.

    • You have Dennis Hopper? How cool is that? If you do go for Mr Blessed, remember to keep the volume down…

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