Stupid Criminal Failed Driving Tests He Was Paid To Pass

August 15, 2010

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

Someone should’ve put this quote in front of Gageen Preet Singh. It would’ve made him a better criminal. Singh’s grand plan was to charge £800 a time to take driving tests for other people, which he did between April and June this year. A great idea, though you’d have to wonder why these people couldn’t have used the £800 they gave to Singh to have extra lessons, making sure they’d pass, but anyway. He even had a collection of hats, moustaches and a wig for disguise. So far, so devious.

L-plate for learner drivers

Unfortunately, the plan unravelled, and here’s how: 1) he used his own car for every test he took and 2) He failed five out of the eight tests in Bristol, Derby, Portsmouth, as well as Hendon and Hayes in London. The fact that he carried out six of the tests while banned for drink driving, and that ironically, he managed to fail five of them despite charging for a ‘professional service’, was not lost on the judge at Guildford Crown Court. He was only stopped when Driving Standards Agency staff became suspicious and prevented him from taking a test in Morden. £56,000 was found in his flat, as well the Mini that gave him away. He will now be languishing at Her Majesty’s pleasure for 14 months, then deported.

It was also reported that Singh was jailed for eight months in October last year for trying the same scam.

I’ll leave you to decide where he fits in the gene pool.



  1. That’s actually what I call justice Pie..
    Cheat’s who were too stupid (or lazy?)to pass their driving exam actually paid serious sums of money to someone even more stupid (or lazy?) to do it for them.
    Clearly they were also too stupid (or lazy) to get check out this guys success rate first… (or lack of it)and they tried to rip off the system, but it backfired.
    Yea! So he gets caught and fools (read: Cheats) and their money were soon parted… Sounds like a little natural justice to me.
    Next question: (wierd disguises not withstanding) How come he was even able to take the test not once but SIX times whilst disqualified from driving??? Considering the use of a Driver’s Licence as ID in gaining access to many other things, surely there are there not some decent ID checks and cross checks of the applicants in place???
    That’s one gaping loophole that should be a bigger embarrasment than Singh is.

    • Kiwi, I wish I knew. I don’t drive, so I wouldn’t know the ins and outs of what’s needed to participate in a driving test. Perhaps he evaded capture for a while because he took these tests in different parts of the country. Maybe he had different licences. Who knows? All I know is he’s fast becoming a front runner for the Pie and Biscuits stupidity award.

  2. Well if you’re stupid enough to pay £800, which with my current instructor could have paid for about 40-50 lessons, then you deserve everything you get for being so lazy!

    I think this is backwards justice: he gets slammed for conning others, the people who were allowed to be conned are out of pocket for being so silly. The system works….

    • A fool and his money is soon parted, eh?

  3. That is amazingly ludicrously stupid!

    Who on earth would pay £800 for someone else to take their driving test for them? In fairness, he was just filling a gap in the market – they deserve to be ripped off. Harsh? Probably, but I spent God knows how much on driving lessons and did it the hard way.

    • “They deserve to be ripped off.”

      Is the correct assessment.

  4. Wow… with 800 quids, I could take enough driving lessons to qualify to be a professional stunt driver.

    Yes, really. I read about this school in Australia that offers that sort of courses. I don’t remember the exact price now, but I am sure 800 quids should be enough.

    He’s certainly a cheeky crook! Shame on him for charging 800 quids per test when he’s been failing most of them.

    • He is a cheeky crook, but ultimately a stupid one. Whatever the ‘business,’ the principles are the same: customer satisfaction is king. Get that right and there’ll be repeat business. That can only come about if your product is good and if it’s useful to the customer. Oh, and it has to be fit for purpose.

      As for the stunt driving school, I’d say go for it! That would be a fab job, and if you stay alive long enough, a well paying one.

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