Meat Lady Gaga

September 15, 2010

Lady Gaga. Don’t you just love her?

This pocket whirlwind has stormed the pop world with her songs, videos and of course her costumes. Sometimes I love what she wears, but at other times, I think she tries too hard and looks a bit of a tit. Fair play to her, though. She’s grabbing her moment and making full use of it.

At the MTV music video awards on Sunday, she surpassed herself. Not only did she win eight awards, she made an appearance in a meat dress. With matching shoes and bag, natch.

Lady Gaga wearing a meat dress at the MTV Music Video Awards

From the Evening Standard website This is London

That tickled me, but there has been criticism, with Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) leading the way. The use of the meat that people in other parts of the world would love to have on their plate did concern me, but I would be a liar if I said that I didn’t think it was clever and just a little silly. As you’d expect from a Lady Gaga ensemble.

But why stop there, young Stefani Germanotta (for that is her real name). Try these:

Have Robbie Williams in his Rock DJ meat man guise as an accessory.

Robbie Williams in the Rock DJ video

Go riding on a meaty horse. On second thoughts, maybe not…

Horse head in the bed from The Godfather

They shoot horses don't they? Not in The Godfather, they don't

Finally, set sail on a meat ship, which can be found on either thiswhyyourefat.com or supersizedmeals.com where there are instructions for making one, if you feel brave enough.

Meat ship made of bacon, sausages, and other meats

Come on, luv, you know I’m right.

P.S: I found this website called hatsofmeat.com through The Guardian. People made hats out of various cuts of meat and posted them on this site. See? Gaga is not so original after all.



  1. eeeewwww ewww ewww and more ewwwwww – take it there weren’t any dogs around? they would have had a nice meal or three!!! eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww (im veggie in case you hadn’t realised!) eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww

    • Do you not like the meat dress, then?

  2. Lady G. just goes after the hype, and will do anything deemed “outrageous” for attention. Personally my view is that generally the less talented the person, the more extreme the attention seeking and the more talented, the less they seek out media attention or resort to weird stunt pulling.
    Yawn, just another occasion to give the masses something to gawp at,fill up a few lines on Twitter, give columnists something to scribble about to fill the gossip mags for a week and to wind up a few.
    I think that we need to be consistent in our thinking, we scream “ew” to something like Lady G’s ensemble (please note that NONE of the writers will dare say if it is real meat or clever looking padded fake material) but think nothing of buying expensive leather goods the originated from developing countries that were not ethically produced because of sweatshop conditions and pittance prices at one end of the supply chain.
    The Hats of Meat website was a laugh, people obviously like to “ham it up”. More disturbing was the video on the website of a Japanese Game show.. that poor monitor lizard was just pain being tortured.

    • When I first saw the dress, I thought it was made to look like meat, so I thought it was a good show. But then I was reading that it was real, so it took the shine off for me a little. Actually, it doesn’t matter because she gained a few more column inches. Job done.

      I fear there are so many people finding more ways to be shocking so they get their 15 minutes that very soon not making a song and dance about your achievements, particularly big ones, will become the radical thing to do.

      Yeah, we have to accept that human beings are hypocrites. Hopefully, enough of us will have a conscience and think before we buy. A bit difficult though, if the options are not easily presented to you.

  3. Fake or not the dress is simply ugly and disgusting,and the future it points to is one I am delighted that I won’t be alive in.

    But there you go, the masses have to be desensitized – the priests can’t do it all by themselves nowadays.

    • There is such a thing as critical mass, or tipping point, of course. At some point, it will occur, then things will start to re-balance. I would like to think so anyway.

  4. Lady Gaga gives talentless, hack, crack whores a bad name.

    That’s a joke. But what isn’t a joke is the amount of Vegetarian fans she’s going to lose. She should have dressed up in some cabbage or broccoli or whatever other disgusting food those herbivore excuses of humans like to eat.

    • Mate, don’t hold back. Call it as you see it!

    • mah. we exemplary humans who choose not to consume the flesh of other living breathing things happen to like cabbage, thanks very much.

      • Cabbage? Hmmm. I prefer broccoli myself.

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