Snoop Dogg – By Royal Appointment?

December 9, 2010

I think Snoop Dogg is going for British Citizenship (and you are more than welcome to come and live here Mr Dogg). Earlier this year, he revealed that his dream was to be on Coronation Street, the longest running soap in Britain, which is celebrating its 50th birthday today. Now, if rumours are to be believed, he could be performing at Prince Willie’s engagement/stag do. The event may be organised by his brother Harry, who is pencilled in to be his best man. Harry is known to be a hardcore party animal. If his hand is on the tiller, that party will be very, very messy.

The royal progeny like a bit of hip-hop and rap, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Still, it exercised the tabloids last week and I haven’t seen or heard of a confirmation at the time of writing, so we can safely say it’s still an entertaining rumour.

Snoop Dogg the rapper wearing a crown

Yo! Majesty!

Musicians are invited to play at all sorts of events, but I imagine the engagement/stag/hen/wedding circuit is potentially the most lucrative. The big names will earn the big pay of course, while everyone else will play wherever they can to pay the bills. Although Snoop will be an honoured guest in terms of what he will do, I wonder if he’ll be able to mingle with the guests after he’s stepped away from the mike. I ask this because if you do a turn at an event, it’s likely that you will not be part of the main party, before or after your performance. My (very) small experience in this business called show was years ago, when I was part of a large choir and we were asked to perform at a charity function. The venue was a hotel in Park Lane, Mayfair. It was a fun experience, but we seemed to be there hours before the event even started and spent most of the time in a cramped dressing room, being fed manky sandwiches until we were called to do our bit. And then in no time at all, we were off again. No mixing with the guests, not that I expected it to be honest, but I think in some instances, particularly at weddings, the artists would be given silly rules to adhere to, be expected to allow the guests to ‘play’ with them and be fed with terrible food. Who would be a musician, eh?

Maybe Snoop will do so well that he’ll be at the wedding itself, serenading the couple as they walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey with his new song Wet, which he has dedicated to them. Wouldn’t you pay money to see that gig?



  1. Oh if you think I am splitting the wedding gig with that guy youve got another thing coming!

    • You’ve been asked to perform at the royal gig too? Oma, you are full of surprises. You’re both big fellas – you can work it out.

  2. If Snoop moves there, I hope he doesn’t start sounding like Madonna.

  3. I think that our lovely Prince Harry’s hand is very unlikely to be on the tiller. If it is anywhere near anything even close to steering… well, any wedding plan whatsoever, the royal hand will be moved under guidance of no less than five advisers and after intense discussion if anything potentially controversial (and, let’s face it, Prince Harry + party = grainy footage + general bad press) is mentioned. It’ll be fun to see what comes of it…

    • And, yes: to hear Mr Dogg perform in Westminster Abbey, I would pay so much money you would not believe…

      • Your knowledge of royalty and its protocol is impressive, and just a little scary. But there again, what used to be the preserve of VIPs from foreign climes, Monte Carlo millionaires and royalty is now available to any instant ‘sleb’ who has enough money. You’d be right in thinking Harry would probably be very heavily advised, along the lines of: “You won’t need to do very much here, son. We can take it from here”.

        I think Mr Dogg would be a fine addition to the royal proceedings. It will certainly give some of the guests something to remember…

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