Christmas Stuffing

December 24, 2010

Home made Christmas e-card 2010. Reindeer with a glowing red nose

One day to go. Just one day to go before the big day itself. However you celebrate it, food will definitely be involved. Everything you’ve ever wanted to eat, or didn’t realise you wanted, will be consumed in vast quantities over the next couple of days.

A comment by a friend on Facebook reminded me of this. He was talking about loosening his belt for Christmas and it led to a great stream of consciousness among our friends. One wag suggested putting our belts to ‘feast’ setting. Well, my belt has been on ‘feast’ setting for at least a year, my friend, and in anticipation of the food I’m soon going to hoover, my belt will be set to ‘you’ve eaten too much, you fat bastard’. Or better still, I won’t wear a belt at all. I said the following to my Facebook friends and I say it again here: take my advice, ladies and gentlemen, because no creature is happy in captivity – let your tummy run free! And while you’re giving your tummy a chance to frolic under your jumper unhindered, give a moment’s thought to those whose Christmas will not be so great this year, for whatever reason.

I really wish the best for you, dear reader. Have a great holiday.



  1. Consume vastly at Christmas and Repent all New Year? Me too Pie, and I’m usually the cook filling everyone up LOL. This year I’m Director of Operations as our small galley kitchen doesn’t accommodate crutches and chairs so well, and I’ve revised the menu accordingly as Himself is getting handed the job of cooking it all.
    YES it will still involve some wicked treats, but my New Years Resolution involves the second-hand cross trainer that I bought one day before I had my accident (Murphy’s Law)and I fully intend to use it as soon as I can.
    My advice to you Pie is to totally enjoy all of the Pie and Biscuits of Christmas but to resolve not to turn into the Dough Boy in the New Year.
    The most important thing in the end is not what you are eating but who you are sharing it with, so no matter how you celebrate this Christmas I hope you (and all your readers) have someone to giggle with as you pull the crackers or kiss under the mistletoe.
    Merry Christmas! … and pass me that piece of Pie! LOL

  2. STUFFED – or so it seems!…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

    • Welcome to my blog, GrannyRant. Hope to see more of you in 2011.

  3. Ah, thank you. A vegetarian’s christmas dinner is a sad and lonely thing. While family members are giggling and tucking into that turkey, you are saddled with an extra portion of sprouts and a bitter longing for the days when it was you relishing those precious few slices of turkey breast. Followed, of course, by a top-up of guilt when your mother looks at you askance and asks you if your stuffed aubergine is all right. It is slightly wierd, but you don’t say that.
    I allow my tummy to gambol around unchecked in the new year, mostly, when there are lots of christmas goodies, but not necessarily many sit-down meals, therefore eliminating the need to endure the clearly audible mastications of elderly relatives, the even more audible comments about my height (yes, of course I’ve grown. The last time you saw me was this time last year) and gravy splattered exlaimations of ‘meat is good for you!’

    Merry belated Christmas, by the way. Hope you had a good one… 😉

    • A vegetarian Christmas, eh? That must be interesting. Your family sound like a riot. I’m glad you felt comfortable enough to release your tummy at New Year. Well done.

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