Supergran Gives Brazen Robbers A Good Old Slap… Result!

February 8, 2011

You know how much I love a good story of justice served, so this story of a Northampton granny going medieval on a bunch of robbers has been my tickle of the week.

At around 9.30am on Monday morning, in broad daylight, six men wearing crash helmets tried to smash into a jewellery shop, as is the fashion for these kinds of robberies now. Amazingly, there’s a video showing the men in action and the people inside the shop cowering in fear.

Robbery taking place at a jewellers in Northampton

Suddenly a figure in red appears from a distance on the right of the frame running straight for the robbers at speed.

Granny appearing at scene of robbery in Northampton

Granny running up to the robbers in Northampton

It was an old woman in a red coat. When she reached those tools she started battering them with her bag.

Granny hits robbers with her bag in Northampton

They started running away, some taking off on mopeds. One muppet was unlucky as she slapped him so hard he fell off his moped before he could get away. He was then jumped on by passers-by.

One of the robbers captured in Northampton

Have-a-go granny being led away by passers-by in Northampton

According to the news, four men have been arrested and I imagine it will be a matter of time before the other two are found. They will then have their day in court. At the time of writing this, I don’t have any more information about this old woman, but fair play to her for stepping up and doing her part to prevent a crime.

Mess with a granny at your peril – they ain’t playing!

This story has totally blown up in the UK press since I wrote about it here. The identity of Supergran has also been revealed. Her name is Anne Timson and she’s in her 70s. She stepped in when she thought a young man was being beaten up: her mother’s instinct kicked in. When she got there and realised the men were attempting to break into the jewellers in broad daylight, her anger level cranked up to 11 and she went for them. Even as the man she knocked off a moped raised a hammer to her, she kept going at him with her trusty bag – smackdown! As befitting English modesty, she wishes for the fuss to die down, as she’s a private person. When asked if she would do it again, she said she most certainly would.

Sometimes old school is good school. Well done, bird.



  1. Epic.

    • Yeah, it’s good, isn’t it? By the way, welcome to my blog. Pop in anytime you like.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Ha Ha Ha Go for it Granny!!!!
    SuperGranny to the rescue! She even manages to take out one of the getaway vehicles and it’s driver, Bravo!
    Good citizens, man and woman alike, it is your duty to go forth and purchase a large handbag and to carry it around at all times as a sign to thieves that the people ‘aint gonna be messed with.

    • You cannot underestimate a granny bag. And if the thing attached to it is as hardcore as Northampton Supergran, you should be very, very afraid.

  4. I would rather get my news from you than from CNN (lol).

    • Thank you, kind sir. You would definitely do better getting your news from here than from Fox…

  5. It’s only Tuesday, but this story has made my week.

    • Let’s see if I manage to give you a double by the end of this week. Welcome to my blog.

      • I’m looking foreward to reading more.

  6. That is great! They’ll get the others too. The ones they have will hand them over.

    • Granny will make sure of it. She’ll be more effective than Reagan and Carter of The Sweeny, Vic Mackey of The Shield and anyone from Law & Order.

  7. Brilliant!
    Does anyone remember Supergran series from the 80’s?
    Great lyrics!! 🙂

    • I don’t remember this at all, but maybe the woman who slapped down those robbers based herself on this cartoon heroine…

  8. Yesss. Lovely old ladies: 1. Rolex-robbing yobs: 0

    • That’s what I call a right result!

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