Royal Wedding Tat Watch – The Sick Bag

February 28, 2011

This made the news last week, but I thought it was worth commenting on anyway because I continue to find and be alerted to all kinds of nonsense tacked on to our impending royal communion between the heir-in-waiting, Prince William and ‘commoner’ Waity (no longer) Katie. From now on I will bring to you these fillers of landfill under the banner of Royal Wedding Tat Watch. If your gag reflex is getting plenty of exercise from the build up of this auspicious event and you don’t want to vomit in polite society, you need a sick bag – of course!

Royal wedding sick bag in royal blue

It’s going for the anti-royal wedding stance, but is tat nevertheless. Created by graphic designer Lydia Leith, the ‘Throne Up’ bag is in a pleasing retro style with an outline drawing of the couple in that engagement pose and comes in pillar-box red, or royal blue (natch). It’s doing good business right now at only £3 a pop, apparently. Fair play to the girl for seeing an opportunity and running with it. I’m sure it will continue to go well.

As a side note, there’s a beer called ‘Kiss Me Kate’ that will be ready for those thirsty royal watchers come April 29th.

Kiss me Kate royal wedding beer

Produced by Castle Rock Brewery in Nottingham, it’ll be elegant, tasteful and British to the core, according to their head brewer. Well, with that endorsement I’d better go and get a six-pack!



  1. This is as tasteful as John F. Kennedy commemorative salt shakers, with the holes at the back of the head.

  2. First off, great post and nice to find your blog (I googled Royal Wedding Tat). Anyway, nice to see you arhcive some Royal Wedding tat and if you see anything worthy or feel like sharing pics from the street etc, I’ve created a tumblr trying to catch the madness!

    • Thanks for popping in. I’ve seen some of the entries on your blog and they prove absolutely that the proliferation of this royal wedding tat is much worse than I first thought. I’m not sure if I can better it, but if I find anything I cannot add to my own blog, I’ll send it your way.

  3. I also found this site googling royal wedding tat.

    My favorite find so far is the commemorative royal wedding vibrating cock ring. Surely a must buy for your royalist parents.

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