The Japanese Disaster: Scum Floats To The Top – And I Don’t Mean The Debris From The Tsunami

March 17, 2011

Whenever there’s a national disaster, natural or otherwise, great efforts are made to reach out to the stricken, which leaves you in awe at the human spirit. There’s also opportunity for the scum to rise and try to make money out of human suffering. We had it with the Haiti disaster last year, I’m sure we’ve had it with the New Zealand earthquake and now we have it here with the Japanese. I wondered when stories of the crooks and scammers would emerge. I didn’t have to wait long.

I read in the Metro yesterday about the various scams abound on the internet, including the usual sites posing as ‘charities’ urging people to ‘donate’ to the disaster. The one that made my blood run cold; then hot with rage was this: families have been receiving emails falsely claiming that their loved ones are dead. One family assumed the worst as a message posted on a people finder web site said: “I received information that this person is dead.” It was later proven to be false when they found out that their loved one was in fact very much alive and well. It’s a particular brand of filth that makes such an effort to cause so much pain, and you have to ask yourself where their heads are at. I could scratch mine until it bleeds and I’ll never understand.

There’s a word I don’t use lightly on this blog, or indeed in my real life. This word, however, more than adequately demonstrates the strength of my anger and contempt for these people.

They’re cunts – the lot of ‘em.



  1. I’m with you on that, Pie. I’m bothered by the hyping of fallout dangers by the media, myself. Particulate radiation of the kind that emerges from a nuclear accident can be dangerous for those in proximity of a few hundred miles, but it can’t cross oceans. We’ve had people requesting potassium iodine at the clinic, and the Food Co-op is sold out! Madness and ignorance.

    • You’re joking!!

      Your countrymen really need to wean themselves off Fox News and other media like it.

      To be fair, if there was a similar nuclear danger in, say, France, the Daily Mail, our measured and balanced tabloid newspaper would put our country into panic in a similar fashion.

  2. Another one in total agreement Pie,
    Yes sadly there have been a few looters and opportunist burglaries in ChCh too.

    In ALL cases it’s been made crystal clear right from the start that when 99.9% of the population are going the extra mile, working around the clock, fund-raising, taking homeless friends, relatives, tourists and total strangers in their homes, that NO excuses will be tolerated for opportunistic thievery or misconduct.

    In spite of that, a few degenerates persist and although pre-warned of certain jail consequences for any looters by Police in the News, these scum are actually shocked that they are refused bail and heading straight for jail.

    As one Judge said “they’ve already proved themselves totslly incapable of giving any community service in ChCh’s greatest hour of need, so incarceration is required to make an example of you”

    I never use that word either Pie, but it IS an appropriate label for low-life scum who try and make profit out of people’s misery when events like this strike.

    • I may had got this wrong, but wasn’t there a family who lost their mother, a news reporter in the quake and then endured further suffering because a piece of filth saw fit to burgle their home?

      “Although pre-warned of certain jail consequences for any looters by Police in the News, these scum are actually shocked that they are refused bail and heading straight for jail.”

      Never underestimate the stupidity and arrogance of these people.

      As one Judge said “they’ve already proved themselves totally incapable of giving any community service in ChCh’s greatest hour of need, so incarceration is required to make an example of you”

      That judge showed proper common sense and followed through on the promise of jail. We could do with some of that here in Blighty.

    • Sadly what you heard is true Pie, but a friend of mine told me on the phone that like us, the many decent people of Christchurch were so instantly appalled that this burglary, that new items were donated the same day.

      Ok, of course it doesn’t completely wipe away the bad taste, but hopefully it does show that people rallied around to show their love and support, and hopefully restored a little bit of faith in the better side of human nature.

      Police said after the September ’10 quake, “theft during a State of Emergency is not just a property crime but also a smack in the face for people who are giving 110% so will result in an mandatory jail sentence” (AND they promptly kept their word)

      Therefore I find it beyond amazement that the *next* lot of thieving morons seriously thought that they should escape a jail term.

      For me, the only fair way to *think* of escaping jail would be to bring back the stocks… believe me the other 99.9% of Zew Zealand’s Kiwi’s would be in the queue with the foulest rotting produce imaginable to express their contempt.

    • Oops Pie, posted twice, could you please delete the duplicate for me? Cheers 🙂

      • This is why I like Kiwis and Aussies. You’re people of action, you call it as you see it, and you don’t mess about.

        I’ve deleted your dupe as requested – now don’t do it again!

  3. It is the best word for these kinds of people. People looking for their loved ones are already suffering and praying that the worst kind of grief isn’t going to hit them. They are vulnerable and the last thing that they need is to be taken advantage of by these horrid people.
    How can people be so immoral that they are busy looting and robbing those who have suffered so much, whilst others are working themselves solid to help out.
    I just don’t get people sometimes!

    • As I said, my head would be bleeding profusely with all the scratching I’d be doing to try and understand how those people can do this.

  4. Really agree with this post in all ways possible. Really enjoy your blog, lots of good stuff on here.

    • Thanks. You’re more than welcome to come again and comment at any time. I always try and respond as soon as possible. I’ll be visiting your blog again in around a month when you have more stuff. I know you’ll have plenty of things to write about!

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