Royal Wedding (Expensive) Tat Watch – Royal Wedding Fridge

April 1, 2011

So far we’ve had rumours of Snoop Dogg playing at the wedding do, condoms, sick bags, masks and a mug featuring the wrong groom. We’re building quite a random collection, ladies and gentlemen, but we need more! Now where can you store your royal wedding champagne (there’s bound to be one on sale somewhere) until you are ready to enjoy it on the big day? This piece of tat has been brought to my attention by Jacki Dilley, one of my dear readers. As soon as I clapped eyes on this beauty, I was sold – thanks, Jacki!

Royal wedding fridge with an image of William and Kate

Is that the sound of Jewellry rattling? Oh, it's just some ice falling out of the dispenser. My mistake.

Yes! Here we have, for your delight, a royal wedding refrigerator featuring an image of the loving couple taken by Celebrity photographer Mario Testino. Here’s one for you, fact fans: Testino had also photographed William’s mother, princess Diana.

Apparently, this came about because GE, an electrical company, asked members of their Facebook fan page to suggest the most popular image to place on their American-style fridge. Imagine having a six-foot refrigerator, covered with an oversized image of the royal couple, dominating the space in your tiny kitchen and staring at you as you settle down for your midnight munchies. If you’re going to have something like this in your home, make sure you don’t eat cheese before you go to bed.

This particular range can be personalised by the customer, so why not go for the image of the moment? Well, the image of the moment could also be Charlie Sheen – Winning!



  1. I’d prefer a pig pen pic on my fridge, that way I wouldn’t open the darn thing so often! This is just too much, if I ever were invited to someone’s house for dinner and this was their fridge I’d run for the hills. This is just crazy! And there’s Royal condoms? Are they made of gold?
    haha. Great post.

    • Crazy people buy crazy things!

      Even if I thought it would be good for a laugh, I wouldn’t buy one. I’d use the money to buy a Smeg fridge instead. They’re classy, in a retro style and they have a great colour range. Sometimes they produce special editions. I remember seeing one once with a Union flag design, for the patriotic Brit.

      • Boy, I don’t know, I might consider buying one if I can also get a matching dishwasher and microwave.

        • Oh-ho. My. God!

          My eyes are blinking rapidly at the thought of that visual assault. Now you must excuse me: I need to go for a lie down…

  2. I haven’t figured out how putting somebody else’s picture on your possessions “personalizes” them as yours. It would make more sense if the royals put it on their own fridge. This way it looks like “I pledge my container, and all the cold provisions herein unto the service of my future king and queen, should they ever get to be so.”

    • Yes, I think a container pledge would be a grand idea! Seriously, Mikey, what are the chances of them having something like that in their home? If they did, it should be surrounded by all the other royal wedding tat sold around the world right now, getting ready for their final destination of the landfill.

  3. Breaking News! (PNN does it again.) Huffington Post is writing about this topic, WEEKS after you scooped them:


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