Royal Wedding Tat Watch – William And Kate: The Movie

April 13, 2011

I feel we have established a relationship, dear reader and as in all long-term partnerships, we are finely tuned to understand each other without saying a word. With this in mind, I won’t say anything about the following clip, but you will know what I’m thinking:

I think it speaks for itself. Please feel free to fill in any gaps.



  1. What a flickapocalypse!
    I want to see the Noir remake:

    “Her body was smoking,
    as was the shotgun when she ejected the shells…”

    • That’ll be when they’re in the throes of a divorce, then.

      You’re definitely the one who can make a Noir version of this piece of tat. It’s your destiny.

      • It just occurred to me that this masterpiece will probably feature in your local thrift shop as the crap DVD to buy for ten cents very soon. In fact, putting this and Titanic together on sale for ten cents would make it an absolute bargain!

        If you don’t know what I’m talking about, dear reader, go to Invisible Mikey’s blog where he wrote about the tat he found in a local thrift shop. It’s an absolute hoot.

  2. Less of an ahhh
    and more of an AH… NOOOOO…
    ow! It’s so cringe-worthy it’s painful.
    Definitely a case of I would only be watching this movie if I were being tortured.
    Best contender for the “Top Tat” title so far Pie.

    • And believe me, Kiwi, there’s some stiff competition…

  3. brings a tear to my eye

    • It certainly brought tears to my eyes, but not in the way they intended.

  4. OMG! You CANNOT be serious… I’ve just placed my order…. NOT!

    • Don’t worry, Ant. They’ll be in the bargain bin, the charity shop, or on Ebay soon enough. So if you’re willing to wait, you can get hold of one at a knockdown price!

      • Bargain Tea Coasters 😉 And Dear Pie you have surpassed yourself. We salute you… or should that be curtsey??

        • Sir/Madam, it was nothing. The joke wrote itself…

  5. well…with that sort of advice they should return from the honeymoon well rested.

    • Oma. If you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about, then that is pure laugh out loud funny. Having watched it again (I can’t help myself – it’s like rubber necking at the scene of a car crash) that particular part of the trailer has a whole new meaning for me now. Well done, sir.

      • The bit on exiting the car?

        • The very same! I hope the rest of you are keeping up…

  6. I’d have told the woman wanting to keep me legs together to sod off.
    I hope that girl doesn’t get mistreated like Lady Di. I’ll be glad when their wedding is over.

    • I think they’ll both be glad when it’s all over, though that will not be the end of it. It is only the beginning.

      I also hope Kate doesn’t follow the path of Diana, though by the looks of her, I don’t think she’ll be knocked down that easily. She has eyes of steel, that one. No one will be pushing her around. Only time will tell.

      • “I don’t think she’ll be knocked down that easily.”

        They could always try using a couple of tons of armoured Mercedes driven by a pissed Frenchman.

        • They’ve already tried that one. You’ll have to think of something else.

  7. Well Pie in honour of your quest for tat, i was sent this by my sister (who doesn’t live on our fair shores!)

    • Speechless.

      I hope you enjoy my next post about a fantasy royal wedding tat shop.

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